Monday, December 13, 2010

Good 12 Mile Tempo Run

         Course:  Legacy Park Gym - Treadmill 
             Miles:  12            
             Time:  1:27:25
      Mile/Split:  7:17/mile
            Temp:  5 Degrees, Wind 10NW
        Calories:  1450
Total Ascent:  Treadmill
          Avg HR:  162 bpm

Wind chill temps outside were about -10 degrees this morning.  If I wouldn't have been dealing with the knee, I MIGHT have ran outside ... but man that's freaking cold!  Ran at Legacy on the treadmill, again which is not great - but it serves a purpose on days like this.

Ran 6 miles @ 7:00 or less (two of them were around 6:45 or so).  Tried to simulate some hills and inclines with the treadmill, but its just not the same.  Today was the first of my 10 week training cycle for the Austin Marathon.  This means I begin tracking times on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday and comparing them to where I was at this point in other marathons.  My previous Monday time for week 10 was 7:48, which I crushed today!  With the exception of the stupid knee thing, I think I'm probably faster than ever.  Need to find a way to work in more strength training on my legs, although the cross training in the pool has helped my VO2 Max.

Knee was a little stiffer than I would have liked, but kept flexing it during the run and it began to loosen up a little.  I think its getting better - but its probably gonna nag me all winter.  It has been exactly 1 month from today when I first noticed it really nagging me.  I have iced a lot and recently began a lot heat therapy during the day.  Using ibuprofen about once a day to reduce inflammation, although I would rather not.  I'll keep monitoring it.

I'll probably run outside tomorrow for a light recovery run.  I think its supposed to be a balmy 15 degrees in the morning!!! Yeah!

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