Monday, January 24, 2011

Training ... The Grateful Tread

            Course:  Legacy Park Treadmill & Track
                Miles:  12            
                Time:  1:31:22
        Avg Pace:  7:37/mile
         Workout:   Tempo Run
               Temp:  12 Degrees, Wind 13NW
          Calories:  1446
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  157 bpm
Miles this week:  19

Today was kind of a confusing workout, but I think I learned a lot from it.  It was another treadmill venture, combined with a little track work at the end.  I in intended to do a tempo workout that pushed me a little, but instead my heart rate was elevated a little, and my times were a little slower than anticipated.

Here's what I learned.  I compared it to the Progressive Run that I did last Monday.  In that workout, I started fairly slow, but increased my times a little each mile, not hitting 7:00 pace until mile 9.  Compared to today where I ran the early miles a hair faster and then jumped to 7:00 pace on miles 6, 7, & 8.  Here are the splits from last week & today ...

Last week - 12 mile Progressive splits ... Avg HR 156, Pace 7:27/mi
8:45, 8:15, 7:55, 7:40, 7:25, 7:14, 7:11, 7:05, 6:58, 6:54, 6:33, 7:12

Today - 12 mile Tempo splits ... Avg HR 157, Pace 7:37/mi
8:40, 8:10, 7:46, 7:33, 7:30, 6:59, 7:01, 7:04, 7:49, 7:22, 7:37, 7:13
(RED indicates faster time this week - note: all of the faster times were earlier in the workout)

Even though last week's workout was 10 seconds per  mile faster, I remember it feeling easier while I was doing it.  Additionally, my recorded heart rate was actually a beat slower per minute even though my overall pace was faster.  This serves as great evidence of starting slow and gradually building speed, instead of a quick warm up and then jumping several gears.
Obviously there are some workouts where you want to elevate  your heart rate quickly and increase speed substantially.  But I feel like tempo and progressive workouts are meant to emulate the marathon more than most other workouts, so it was good to see this kind of data back to back. 


  1. I frequent Legacy to lift, you must be one of the crazy people I see all the time running on the treadmills and track! I never could run on that track too tight a turn for my body!

  2. Thanks for passing by my blog. I'll add you to my blog roll. Looks like I'll learn a lot from you =)

  3. Great information. I often start out slow and gradually build my pace and it really does seem to work better for me that way.

  4. Your blog provides a lot of useful info even for us slow people. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. How do you look so cool in all of your race photos? Mine are pretty horrid. I need to work on that. :o)

  5. Nice run. I was just catching up on your last few posts, and I loved your post about the 28 miles with the last 6 with your daughter. So great that you guys run together.

  6. What time are you shooting for in Austin?

  7. Tahoe ... Hahaha, no one's call me cool in a long time.

    Chris ... not sure yet, it's supposed to be a pretty hilly track, probaby around 3:30ish, but I'm thinking about going really slow - I don't wanna screw anything up for Boston

  8. Based on your training, seems a PR is a viable. Just saying. You have been killing your training runs at paces commensurate with sub 3:20. Seems to me.


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