Monday, January 3, 2011

Workout - Tempo & Hills

            Course:  Jacomo Bowl Out & Back
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:25:06
         Mile/Split:  7:43/mile
         Workout:   Tempo/Light Hill
               Temp:  20 Degrees, Wind 10SW
          Calories:  1308
  Total Ascent:  1085 ft
            Avg HR:  161 bpm
Miles this week:  21

Pretty good tempo run this morning.  Ran 7 of the 11 miles at about 7:30/mile - one of them was closer to 8:00 because of huge hill on second half of run.  Also, incorporated some pretty good hills into the run - trying to get ready for Austin, which seems a little hilly based on the elevation chart on-line.

Legs felt absolutely great!  No pain in knee, which seems to be gone for now - and the ankle, which I am discovering is really an arch issue, didn't bother me either.   I will run a very light 12 tomorrow to recover, and hopefully a good speed workout on Wednesday.  Great start to the week!


  1. good job! glad you're pain free, 21 miles an it's only Monday!

  2. That sounds pretty close to something I'd do which makes me feel good. Oh, except one thing. 20 Degrees. Do you Celcius? :-)

  3. Nice numbers! Sounds like Austin will be in the bag for you.

    Just ignore Chris K and his temperature whining! ; )

  4. Chris - ha, no - 20degrees F!!! A little chilly this time of year. What is it in San Diego ... 72 & perfect! My joints & old bones wish we had your weather!!!


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