Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ever Forget About Your Race Bib?

Have you ever had to run a few errands after a 5K or something and forgot that you still had your race bib on?  Well, someone in our family did that today! 

The lady of the house ran the Kansas City Corporate Challenge 5K this morning and we stopped by the grocery store afterwards.  When we walked in, an old man said, "Hey, how'd you do in the race?"  Michael looked kinda proud for a moment - she must have been thinking, "This guy just automatically knows I came from a race ... WOW, I must REALLY look like a runner!!!"  The guy then pointed to her bib, at which she replied ... "Oh ... yeah, I did okay." (game show losing sound effect ... wa, wa, waaaaaaa!)

We of course reenacted the 5K finish by the pork chops!

A beautiful girl ... still wearing her race bib!  She'll probably sleep in it tonight!
By the way, PLEASE CHECK OUT MICHAEL's BLOG!!!  She is trying to get 100 followers and has promised the GIVE AWAY of all GIVE AWAYS once she reaches 100 peeps.  If you don't follower her, just know that she is way more interesting and funny than me (she told me to say that), and much more pleasing to look at (she didn't have to tell me to say that, it's pretty obvious!)  Click on the link below to go to her blog - Slowly Tri-ing!

My Favorite Blog

I love you sweetie - you make me laugh!
... be great today!


  1. I already follow your lovely wife!
    this is funny.
    I don't forget bibs -yet- but I do forget to take chip times off my shoes! you'd think I would notice big orange loop there but no..!

  2. I forgot to take off my bib for the first time this morning and had a similar reaction at the post office! Hahaha that's too funny.

    I already follow Michael and enjoy both of your blogs :)

  3. I can't make fun of anyone wearing a race bib in a grocery store after what I wore earlier this week. Today my husband was home when I got back from my bike ride and he asked if that was the h----t I wore on my run the other morning. When I admitted it was he burst out laughing.

    As you know I already (joyfully) follow Michael.

  4. Not only is she wearing her bib, she's also wearing her Garmin. That's a first for me. We'll let it slide cuz she's so cute and nice.

  5. looks like we'll both be in KC in October.. keep on inspiring!
    Gotta Run,

  6. That's what champions do Jim!

    After a race I'm famous for my body temperature dropping so I always haul a blanket around and I occasionally can be seen in a store with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. People think I'm ragged and homeless.

  7. Is she running past the pork chops as she begins her second foray into the vegetarian lifestyle?

  8. Too funny. I've went into the store with my bib on before but knew it was on.

  9. Hmmmm...didn't we discuss me "approving" photos before they were placed on your blog :)

  10. lol, I do the same thing with bibs - I at least wear them around until I get back home after buying lunch somewhere! I'm proud of my accomplishment and want to show it off, haha

    And like Chris K, I love that the garmin is still on =)

  11. LOLOL!!! That is funny!!! With triathlons, they write your bib number on your arm and calf. So i can take off the bib, but I still have black magic marker on my calves, really throws people for a loop

  12. That's hilarious! She doesn't have to wear her bib for us to know she is an incredible and inspiring runner! Love you both!


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