Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Me In Montana

I have no doubt that my Ke$ha-luvin' followers have never heard this song, much less can name who sang it ...

"Won't you meet me in Montana - I wanna see the mountains in your eyes...
Oh I've had all of this life I can handle - meet me underneath that big Montana sky"
"Meet Me In Montana" - Dan Seals & Marie Osmond, 1985

I was flipping channels on the radio this afternoon and ran across this song on the "Old Country" station.  I hadn't heard that song in 20 years at least.  Pretty cool since I run the Missoula Marathon in two days. (Missoula, Montana ... get it!) 

As for the marathon ... gonna kill it! (Whoa, hold on there Casey!  By "kill", I meant I'm gonna run it really well ... not KILL ONE OF MY CHILDREN!!!  At least 1,048 days in jail is justifiable payment for what you did ... sarcasm!) great today!
(but not you Casey ... I hope every day is really really NOT GREAT for you ... because you killed your baby girl by suffocating her with duct tape, and then stored her body in your car trunk, and then threw her body in a swamp like trash, then went out and partied 4 DAYS LATER, then didn't tell anyone she was "missing" for 30 days, then repeatedly lied to police, then made up a fictional kidnapping nanny, then falsely accused your family of sexual abuse, then made up a ridiculous drowning story, etc, etc, etc ...)


  1. Country Music? Dan Seals & Maria Osmond. Nope, not for me. Should we break up our Bromance? We have nothing in common.

  2. Chris ... I'm Old-School Country baby ... oh, and Rapcore!

  3. Ke$ha? who is that? not for me.
    country...come on you know I am in for that, I live with mini Urban...he made a guitar out of a glowing stick on the 4th..I put pic on my blog.

    and everything in small prints...I am so with you. I am so mad. I was livid when I heard the verdict. I was yelling at the TV...I usually dont wish bad things for people but for her I wish no happiness and no great days not even OK days...I hope she does not get a job and I sure hope nobody will give her any book deal or worst movie deal. She should not be able to make a dime out of the crime she committed. Ok I am done.

  4. oh sorry I got carried away there I forgot: good luck for the Montana Marathon...hope you get nice weather no heat, no humidity.

  5. Just so you know, I was already singin' that song in my head before I made it to your blog, just by reading the title in my reader. I'm a little bit country...and a little bit rock and roll.
    Good luck in Montana!!

  6. Is that a real song? Never heard of it....wait, gotta go, this place about to

    Love you sweetie!

  7. Yay Montana! Rock Kesha, not like Marie Osmond, although Marie has definitely displayed some endurance through the years...I'm rambling.

    Right on with the small print. It makes me sick.

    And your wife is hilarious. :)

  8. Flipping on the radio and found a country station....

    Isn't it harder to not find a country station flipping through the channels where you live? Sorry, I forgot there is country AND western channels.

    No mercy with that race, no mercy!

  9. Would you believe I sit in South Africa and immediately recognize the song! Probably just shows my age a bit better. That was a huge hit here many moons ago. All the best for the marathon. Yes, you will kill it!

  10. I can't believe you're gonna be in Montana!! If you've never been you're gonna love it! Those mountains you'll see to the north of Missoula are breathtaking! They'll still have snow too!

    Kick that race's ass.

    Casey Anthony should be put on a ship out sailed out to Whore Island where women who do bad things to their children are sent.

  11. Have a great time in Montana!

  12. LOL-ing at Michael's comment!!!

    This whole Casey Anthony outcome makes me sick to my stomach!!

  13. I don't know that song about Montana, but I do like the old 80s song "In a Big Country"....I've always wanted to go to Montana. I think running is the way to do it. Have FUN, enjoy the race and the scenery (and of course you'll run fast--you always do!).

  14. I heard Missoula, Montana is quitte beautiful

    Good luck and enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  15. Happy racing vibes to you!

    And a big +1 on all your comments about that monster. I cried when I heard the verdict. Actual tears. And then I nearly vomited.

  16. Good luck at the Montana marathon!

    lol at Chris K's comment!

    And yea I agree with you on the small print - unbelievable what she did. This whole case reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial - where it is clear as day that they did the crime, but the evidence is hard to prove that they actually did it. I guess I'd rather have someone go free who is guilty rather than lock up an innocent person, but it is tough to swallow. OJ Simpson is now in prison for 33 years due to a robbery charge, so hopefully Casey Anthony commits another crime (she likely will because of how crazy she is), and ends up back in prison for a long time.

  17. I'm from the Missoula area and will be running the race on Sunday too. It should be a great day for it...and with the start being so early it will be done before it gets too warm. Try to go to the expo in the morning if you can. It's definitely not a giant expo like the bigger races but it's fun. And right next to it is one of 3 local markets going on that day. Not that you're probably going to buy a bunch of produce...but there are yummy pastries, coffee, and awesome people watching :) If your legs are up for a bit of wandering just a couple of blocks downtown there is another Farmer's market and artist's market which are pretty cool too.
    I've known some people who come in for the race that hike up the "M" but I would tell you it's a little steep, the view is amazing but you might be a little sore...on the other hand it might help stretch the legs out if you've traveled a long way.
    Sorry for the long post :) but I hope you have fun in the area. It's a great place and the people are wonderful too.

  18. Random: I lived in Orlando when that case broke, the whole city was in an uproar and my friends have been telling me how worse it has gotten over the past week over it all. It makes me so sad, I have a few friends that joined in the search for Caylee before she was found... So very, very sad. I surely saw that girl at clubs while I was downtown and the fact that she went out partying when her baby was dead just makes me sick to my stomach. I truly think her life is now in danger once she gets out because there are enough people out there that feel strongly about this case the might do something to "get justice" for Caylee with their own hands.

  19. I love Missoula, beautiful. Good luck on the marathon! :)
    Also agree wholeheartedly with the small-print comments.


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