Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow ... I'm pretty DULL!!!

Well, here's the first half of the responses to y'alls questions!  Unfortunately in writing this, I realized I'm even more uninteresting than I originally thought!  Enjoy ...

Christi of Pedestrian Runner asks ...
Q: Are you a KC Chiefs fan?
A: Of course!!! But more of a Royals fan!!

cql of Livin' a Little Life asks ...
Q: Have you thought about your Vermont marathon?
A:  Probably 2013 ... which one do you recommend?

Jeff of Detroit Runner asks ...
Q: How's the heat down there?

Caroline of Canadian runner in exile asks ...
Q: Will the California marathon be in the south? with that guy from San Diego..the one with whom you have a bromance with and thinks he is all that..hmm I mean manly..cannot remember his name...?
A: We actually had San Francisco scheduled for this year, but cancelled to run Boston.  I would still like to do it, but running one with THE Manly Runner would be pretty cool!

Q: So 40ish...is that closer to 40 or to 50?
A:  42 going on 19

Q: Favorite movie?

Q: Favorite sports moment?
A:  Royals winning our only World Series Championship in 1985!  (We beat the Cardinals "fair & square!")

Q: Have you visited other countries?
A:  Mexico & Kansas

Q: Why can't you accept that your wife is always right?
A:  Just like every other married man in the world, I am forced to hear it, be reminded of it, breath it, bow to it, honor it, and live it every second of  my life ... but I will NEVVVVVVVVER accept it!  Never I tell you!

Q: Who would you like to meet?
A:  Tom Brady. But if I was single, probably Kim Kardashian ... I have no doubt she would really dig a thinning-haired, freckle-faced, Richie Cunningham-looking dork!

Char of My Life's A Marathon asks...
Q: Where did your tag line "be great today" come from?
A:  While I was training for the Top of Utah Marathon last year, I reached a point where I had ran several mediocre marathons (by the standards I had set for myself).  I knew I had more in me, but had never achieved "personal greatness" in a marathon.  At that time there was also someone close to me going through a really tough time in their life.  I had a lunch scheduled with this person and I wanted to leave them with something that they would remember.  I started thinking "Find your greatness", "Be who you were meant to be", "This is your day", ... "Be great today!" ... and it just stuck.  I began saying it to myself when my training got really tough, or when I wanted to quit during a workout.  And during the Top of Utah Marathon, when I started getting a little winded toward the end, I started repeating it over and over and over.  I BQ'd for the first time in that race.

I really believe that everyone of has "greatness" inside them.  Whether it's being a great parent, great friend, great worker, great athlete, whatever!  Greatness is relative ... but pursuing it daily can help us not only excel personally, but often influences and inspires those around us.
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Nelly of Nelly on the run asks ...
Q: What sports did you play in high school?
A:  Football, Basketball, Baseball & Baseball in college

Q: What are your favorite bands?
A:  Just for listening is mostly country.  Favorite running bands are mostly hard rock/rap-type stuff (mostly rapcore/Nu Rock I think is the official name) ... Rage Against The Machine, Manifest, Shinedown, Black Tide, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, Borialis, Drowning Pool, 12 Stones, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Powerman 5000, Rev Theory, Atom Smash, P.O.D., Primer 55, Thousand Foot Krutch, 3 OH!3, Cypres Hill, Dope, Linkin Park, Saliva, Manic Drive, Jay-Z, H-Blockx, The Devil Wears Prada, Insolence (most of these DO NOT meet  my daughter or wife's approval)

Q: What is your last marathon going to be if (more likely when) you make it to do all 50 states?
A:  I originally thought Maui, but I'll probably run that one before the end.  I'm not sure at this point - probably an East Coast State because those seem to be the toughest to get to for me.

Coy of First in Philly asks
Q: What happens when you complete 50 after 40??
A:  I'll probably receive a call from the President.  And I'm hoping Michael will make me a grilled-cheese or something.

Chris K of The Manly Runner & the originator of this little exercise asks ...
Q: When are you going to run either Badwater, Comrades, or Western States 100? Don't you think 26.2 is a little short for someone as studly as you?
A: I feel like I run through Death Valley "light" every morning ... I dunno, never say never I guess.  Gotta get a "regular ultra" under my belt first.  Going into every marathon I always think ... "playa please, this is ONLY 26 miles ... easy for you!!!"  But then by mile 20 I'm sucking wind.

Q: As a long time Royals fan, what is your recommendation that would allow small market teams to compete against the Yankees & Phillies of the world?
A: There has to be equality in baseball either with a salary cap, or improved revenue sharing.  Also, it would be great if all big-market cities were not eligible for the draft ... I mean whats the point, they end up getting the good players eventually anyway.

Q: If you were MLB Commissioner, would you abolish the DH? Make the NL add the DH? Or keep as-is?
A: DH ... I don't go to watch pitchers hit or managers manage.
Q: Don't you think you should ignore one of Caroline's questions?
A:  Oh I could never ignore anything Caroline says ... but it has to be in English or I won't understand it.

MegO of Watch MeGo Run asks ...
Q: What has been your favorite race so far and why?
A: Boston by far!  Simply all I imagined it would be!  But also the Livestrong Austin Marathon - great organization, great people, good course, plus I love Texas!  Also, it was the first marathon where I got to run some of it with a fellow blogger - Jon from 2Slow4Boston - which was really cool!

Q: Where do you think was the best place to race? (Most ideal weather, etc)
A:  The one I just did in Missoula, Montana is pretty tough to beat.  50 degrees in the middle of July ... plus mountains ... I mean c'mon!

Marcia of The Studly Runner asks ...
Q: What would you be doing if you weren't marathoning?
A:  Probably just working out with weights & playing a team sport like softball or something.  It's about all I did until I started running about 10 years ago.  Plus I would really like to trick a bear into doing something really stupid someday.

Lisa of Eat. Pray. Run. asks ...
Q: Since we live in the same town, where is your favorite local running spot/route (within the KC area)?
A:  I run mostly along Langsford and Chipman - but I think I've ran every square inch of this town at one time or another.  A good long run on Saturday takes me from my house (near Legacy Park), down Langsford to 291, by LS High School, all the way down 3rd Street over the hills to Longview Lake, then circle back by John Knox, by Summit Woods Crossing & Summit Fair, by LSN High School, by Walmart, then by Lake Jacomo and then home ... about 22 or 23 miles

Q: Did you run in high school? When did you really start getting serious about running?
A: I only started running about 10 years ago and only running marathons 2 1/2 years ago.  I wanted to run track in high school but I played baseball and you couldn't do both.

Q: Do you have a self-prescribed "deadline" for meeting your marathon in 50 states challenge?
A: I want to do it by the time I'm 50 ... tick, tick, tick ...

Riveting huh!  I'll have the rest of them later ... have a good one!
... be great today!


  1. other countries visited...Mexico and Kansas...too funny...hahahaha

  2. I thought only West Kansas was another country. You learn something every day. :)

  3. Gladiator... strength and honor. Love that movie.

    KC Royals 4evah...

    but you totally lost me at Kim Kardashian.... *shaking head sadly*

    How come I have not seen your blog before? I must come out from under my rock more often :)

  4. So not boring. Fascinating, in fact. Funny, too. And a baseball fan, so you are welcome at our house any day.

  5. this is great just like you my friend! why do you think you are dull...please...dull is my mother in law not you.

    you have given great answers...and one I would grade as just plain PERFECT.

    I will forgive you for Kim K because of the perfect answer you gave to my pal CK but I don't get it. Kara ok but Kim?

  6. I love the "Be great today" story. I'm looking forward to Top of Utah again this year.

  7. I must be incredibly dull as I found all of this interesting. Are there many marathons in Vermont? I'm seriously considering the Vermont 100 miler. Seems to be a great place to run.

  8. Oh, you aren't that dull. Plus...you should do Vermont City when you go to VT for a marathon. It is in Burlington and is supposed to be wonderful!

  9. Vermont City is an outstanding marathon!

  10. [yawn]... just kidding. you have good taste in music. thanks for answering

  11. Kansas is a pretty cool country eh?

    Better that what I say when people ask me.....Idaho of course!

    I am sad that TOU wasn't you favorite marathon. You need to run St. George marathon in Utah sometime.

  12. I love that you are a KC fan like myself. I also like that you made Kansas another country. I will be visiting Kansas, or as I call home, in two weeks. Not lookin' forward to the heat but I am lookin' forward to seein' my fellow countrymen!

    Be great!

  13. Great answers! And you are so not boring! haha

    Love your answer to the music question, you do listen to some hardcore stuff! And a lot of the bands you put down are indeed Warped Tour bands! I saw Devil Wears Prada at warped tour, they were pretty crazy. Also, 3 OH!3 played but I missed them. I saw Rage Against the Machine at Coachella 2007 - they were insane!

    Other bands you might like based on your tastes: Bullet for My Valentine, Enter Shikari, One Day as a Lion, Haste the Day, Coheed & Cambria, Faith No More, The Dillinger Escape Plan

  14. I think the president should make you the grill cheese

  15. You get an A minus from me for those answers, all of which were correct except the one about the 85 world series. There is no ancient history in baseball! :6)

  16. What are you putting on that grilled cheese? I like tomato and tempeh bacon on mine. Maybe some avocado as well.

    Great responses.

  17. I really loved your answer to my question. It makes that line even more inspiring.

  18. And I got so caught up in your music question that I forgot to respond to your other answers!

    Congrats on the 1985 world series, isn't that the world series of the Don Denkinger bad call at first base? Honestly I'm glad the Royals won, haven't the Cardinals won enough?

    Great call on favorite movie - Gladiator is my 2nd favorite all time to Braveheart!

    I agree with you on Kim Kardashian, she is hot, lol

  19. First, you are not dull.

    If I grew up an AL guy, I guess I would probably share your POV about the DH. But, I am an NL guy and like the subtle complexities the pitcher batting offers. It's more strategic. I guess guys with big brains like me prefer the cerebral aspect of the NL.

  20. Wow! There was a lot of information there. Gladiator! Good choice, Russell Crowe is hot! He was also literally hot in that movie.

    I say save Hawaii till the end!


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