Thursday, June 21, 2012

95% Humidity Feels Like Water

Today's Workout ...
                  Course:  Summit Fair Out & Back - Lees Summit, MO
                     Miles:  13            
            Total Time:  1:38:27
              Avg Pace:  7:34 Overall, 7:16 Middle 10 Miles
                  Avg HR:  153
               Workout:   Marathon Pace Run

     Elevation Gain:   429 ft
 Calories Burned:   1,848
                     Temp:  67 Degrees, Humidity 95%, Wind 5SW

GREAT WORKOUT!!!  Well, not "super-great" splits, but considering we had 95% humidity this morning, I felt pretty good about it overall.  It's really weird ... you would think 95% would feel really dry & comfortable and make it easy to breath, but strangely, it's almost like being under water and it's almost impossible to take full breaths???  Two things were really positive about this workout ...

1. I started getting into "marathon pace" at mile 3 instead of mile 5 or 6.  I've been working on reducing my "warm-up" miles and settling into my pace earlier in a run.  So this was better.

2. I averaged 7:16 for the middle 10 miles of the run for a solid "marathon pace" type of run.  "Marathon Pace" will hopefully go down over the course of the summer, but this is where I'm at right now.  Here are the splits.

1)9:27   2)8:09 (2 Mile Warm Up)  
3)7:46   4)7:40   5)7:12   6)7:19   7)7:20   8)7:29   9)7:22   10)7:04   11)7:05   12)7:28  
13)8:05 (1 Mile Cool Down)

I'm in sales for a medium-sized company, but I'm based out of Kansas City where there are only 3 of us - my boss, me, and our guy who runs our KC Branch.  When our guy who runs our KC Branch is on vacation, I have to cover the warehouse, phones, paper work, etc ... plus try to do my job.  It's kinda stressful, but it only happens 3 or 4 times a year so it's no big deal.  But if I wanna run, I've gotta get out of bed at 3:30AM to get my complete workout in.  So this week has been a week of double workouts, all while getting up at 3:30.  I'm pretty tired.  But this morning was the last morning of this schedule ... and I did manage to get all my workouts in and complete 69 miles so far.  Hopefully Saturday's 21 mile run will put me at 90 for the week!  So all in all it was a great week - something I can really build on.  Hope your running's going well.
... be great today!


  1. Tired is to be expected with your kind of schedule. Good work and well done. Humidity is a real killer - just like your times.

    90 for the week - I wish I could. Sitting around is driving me crazy

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  3. You rock Jim! I cannot even fathom the thought of 95% humidity! I think here in UT the highest we get is like 9%. haha!

    Great work out there and wow 90 mile week? That is just very exciting.

  4. That's freaking awesome.
    Not sure how you do it in that humidity.....awesome.

  5. Holy wow! That's early, and that's a ton of miles! Are you training for an ultra?

  6. You make me so glad that it's Winter here.


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