Thursday, July 12, 2012

15K PR Today!!!

Today's Workout:
                  Course:  Hy Vee Out & Back - Ankeny, IA
                     Miles:   12           
            Total Time:  1:27:02
              Avg Pace:  7:15/pace overall   6:44/pace middle 9 tempo miles
                  Avg HR:  155
               Workout:   Tempo Run

     Elevation Gain:   198 ft
 Calories Burned:   1699
                     Temp:  65 Degrees, Humidity 76%, Wind 6SW

Last fall at the Kansas City Cerner 15K (9.3 miles), I set a PR, finished 36th out of 975 overall, and won my age group with an average pace of 6:54/mile.  During this morning's Tempo Run, I ran the middle 9.3 miles at a 6:44/pace!!!   I would have smoked my PR by 10 seconds per mile.  Man ... that felt great!!!  The weather was perfect, the course was flat, and I didn't stop the clock at all.  Here are today's splits ...

1)8:38    2)8:02   3)7:28    4)6:44    5)6:46    6)6:33    7)6:46    8)6:32    9)6:37    10)6:42    11)6:29     12)9:43

I know this sounds like a broken record every few days, but I can't begin to explain how well my training is going right now.  I am so fortunate to be running with almost perfect health this summer.  I feel stronger and faster than ever.  Of course, I'm training better, stronger, and faster than ever too - which helps.  But it's just so awesome to run pain free and  without having to limp or compensate for some muscle or tendon that's not 100%.  I couldn't ask for more from my summer marathon training so far ... hopefully it will pay off in the fall!  Project 3:09 ... GOT EEEEEMMMM!!!
... be great today!


  1. Awesome job babe :) You've so got this 3:09 in the bag!!

  2. It's the new foot strike!! Now go and take back all those comments where you wish you wouldn't have changed form! :)

    Fantastic 15k, very excited about your upcoming sub 3:10 marathon - I know it's in you and going to happen!! Yahoo!

  3. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my goal is a 3:30 marathon in november,and i just HOPE i can have half as good as training as you have had here recently,keep up the great work and send your training plan my way!

  4. Hell yeah!! I did this with my 10k last week and it felt so freaking good. Just broke my 10k PR in training. Good things are definitely coming your way.

    Nice work!

  5. Wow, you have been running out of your mind recently! And it seems like you like running again which is great - it seemed like for a while you didn't like what you were doing. If things keep going this way, a huge PR will be coming your way in October!

  6. reading how well you are doing!

  7. I am so impressed with your training. I am just trying to break a 2:00 half marathon. I was really on schedule, but someting has just sucked all the energy out of me lately.

    You and Michael are inspiring. Maybe watch you two reach your goals will help me.

  8. Dannng that's fast! You are killing it!

  9. Man,... send some of your speed and healthiness my way!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!


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