Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Tempo Run ... 8@6:34/mile

I think I might be faster than I've ever been right now.  This morning was one of my best Tempo Runs ever, albeit on a treadmill in Ankeny, Iowa.  Still though, I felt really smooth, fluent, and strong.  My legs felt relatively healthy even though some pre-run minor tightness is creeping back into my right groin, completely due to tightness in my right hamstring. It's simply a matter of keeping it loose and stretched out so it doesn't become an issue again.  The good news is I didn't feel it all on during my run.

The jury is still out on my Skechers GoRun Rides.  They are super light which I love, but I get a little bit of slipping under the ball of my right foot.  It hasn't turned into a hot spot or blister, but at times feels like it could, especially when I get up to faster speeds. Honestly, today during my last mile, I was almost at 5K pace and I was think more about my shoe slipping than how fast I was going or how hard I was working, which is a good sign I guess.  All in all, I think I'm faster right now than I've ever been before based on all my training times, and recent races.  Here are the splits from this morning's workout...

Mile 1 ... 9:25 Warm Up & Stretch
     Mile 2 ... 7:44
     Mile 3 ... 7:04
     Mile 4 ... 6:35
     Mile 5 ... 6:28
     Mile 6 ... 6:18
     Mile 7 ... 6:14
     Mile 8 ... 6:11
     Mile 9 ... 6:04
Mile 9.5 ... Cool Down & Stretch

I know a lot of people complain about treadmills, and like everyone else, I don't care for them either. (I especially don't care for some jackass literally putting his face on the window of the Hampton Inn workout room door, staring at me and waiting for me to get done ... "In a minute bro, there'll be plenty of time for your morning walk") But to be honest, I think treadmills are much easier than actual running outside.  I mean let's face it, the belt is providing most of the work, we are simply lifting our feet.  Since the machine is providing the motion, and we don't use much of our own energy to propel ourselves, I'm not sure how realistic of picture it paints about how fast you're actually running.  But it was raining with 23 mph wind here today, so the treadmill it was.

Also, I thought a lot about young Martin Richard, the 8 year old who's life was taken earlier this week at Boston, this morning during my run.  I can't quit thinking about him and his family.  I've had an 8 year old son and I know how full of life and energy little boys are.  To have Martin taken from his family is just something I can't get my mind around.  I feel for the other victims and their families too, but Martin seems closest to my heart.  Rest in peace Martin.  You are a light to many people who never had the chance to know you.
... be great today!


  1. You should send a card to the funeral home for him. That way you can let them (the family) know how you feel. I think stuff like that's important. It would mean a lot to the family I bet.

  2. Sweet delight those are killer splits. And I agree with Coy man. cheers.

  3. That is really fast, well done. It is great to feel so good about your form. It's been such a sad week. 2 Women runners I knew were also killed in a car crash on Sunday on their way to the marathon I ran. Then a sad week for running. Have a good weekend.

  4. I don't think that there's a runner out there who didn't think about the Boston tragedy on their runs this week.

    Well done on your run. Who says you have to slow down as you get older?

  5. I feel awful that little boy's life was taken in an act of terror. My heart goes out to his family. If there is something that we can do, please post. Congratulations on your splits.

  6. That's a great progression/tempo! I am looking forward to running again soon. Hopefully my tendons will cooperate. My big plan is to get the treadmill moved from our storage garage to our new place so I can get in some shorter runs between my outdoor runs and try and add mileage that way. My treadmill is old-school though so I won't get anything except average pace unless I jot it down!
    Glad you were able to spend some time thinking about Martin. I am praying for his family. Such a loss. I am glad they have suspect 2 and hope he gives a full confession.


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