Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Speed Workout 8x800M@5:56/pace + 1mi@6:30

Nothing to read here - just jotting down this morning's workout notes so I have them to refer to later.  Like everyone else, our hearts and prayers are with all the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday.  It was also great news to hear that all of my blogger friends who were at the event, although undoubtedly shaken, were safe and well with their families last night.  It was a senseless and cowardly act.  May justice prevail.

This morning's workout - eight 800Meter repeats at 5:56'ish pace, with 400Meter active recovery (moving, not stopping) after each one, followed by 1 mile at 6:30 pace, 9 miles total for the workout.  Here's how it went ...

2 Mile Warmup
    1. 800M ... 3:04 (6:08/pace)
    2. 800M ... 3:02 (6:04/pace)
    3. 800M ... 2:56 (5:52/pace)
    4. 800M ... 2:58 (5:56/pace)
    5. 800M ... 2:56 (5:52/pace)
    6. 800M ... 2:56 (5:52/pace)
    7. 800M ... 2:58 (5:56/pace)
    8. 800M ... 2:57 (5:54/pace)
        1 Mile Finish ... 6:33/pace
1/2 Mile Cool Down

It was a good workout - felt strong and fluent and full of energy.  Didn't feel like I had to give 100% to make the times.  Feel like I'm getting stronger and faster.
... be great today!

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