Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Speed Work: Hodge-Podge of Laps

Nothing to write home about for the Tuesday evening Speed Workout, but it was good to get a few up-tempo laps in.  I was a little unsure of the workout while I was at work on Tuesday.  Truth is, I really pushed my leg strengthening workout on Monday, and my butt was so sore it hurt to walk.  I'm not joking.  I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to git-r-done.  So needless to say, it took a while to get going.  Overall, it wasn't the toughest or longest workout ever, but it'll do pig, it'll do.  Here are the splits and the workout ...

Workout: Speed, modified ladder
Location: Pleasant Lea Middle School Track, Lee's Summit, MO
Weather: Perfect, 77 degrees, 55% humidity, 6mph wind

1.5 mile warmup
1 mile alternating 100M sprints/100M slow @ total of 7:00 mile pace
400M - 1:13 (4:52 mile pace) 1 minute rest
400M - 1:15 (5:00 mile pace) 1 minute rest
400M - 1:15 (5:00 mile pace) 1 minute rest
400M - 1:14 (4:46 mile pace) 1 minute rest
800M - 2:51 (5:42 mile pace) 1 minute rest
800M - 2:49 (5:38 mile pace) 2 minute rest
2 mile continuous @ 6:17 & 6:20 ... sprint 200M then MP for 200M ... 1 minute rest
2 mile continuous @ 7:14 & 7:16
1 mile cool down           
9.5 miles total workout

Probably next Tuesday I'll start adding a little more volume to my Speed Workout and most likely increasing the speed a little too.  But the way my legs felt on Tuesday night, this was more than enough.  Have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. Is your rest between intervals active or do you completely stop and rest until the next interval? Go Royals

  2. That's the tricky thing about strength work isn't it - knowing exactly how hard and when to do it so it doesn't impact on the running side of things. But it sounds like it didn't hurt your session too badly even if it did hurt to walk.

  3. JD - both, but Tuesday's was a complete stop since it was only for 1 minute. If I'm doing Yasso 800's or mile repeats, I will typically jog a recover 200-400M. The Royals missed a golden opportunity last night to move up in the wild card - too bad they couldn't get that one.


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