Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Speed Workout - Prepping For 10K Race

So, what are you up to at 4:30am? Sleeping?  Well, this morning I completed a Speed Workout at the Campbell Jr. High Track round about that time.  I had an early morning meeting, so I had to push my workout forward a bit.  Recently, I've backed off the Speed Drills a little, opting for more miles at marathon pace.  However, Speed Workouts are a great way to increase your VO2max, plus they make the slower miles feel a little easier.

But the real reason for running the faster paced workout was because I have a 10K race this coming weekend.  Since I've been spending most of my time recently at marathon pace'd miles, or at best, slightly faster Tempo pace'd miles, I figured I should probably turn up the volume a little to remind my legs what those speeds feel like.  It was actually a little cooler this morning at 75 degrees, and the humidity was "only" 70%.  So, it was almost like you could actually breath.  But not quite.  Here's how the workout went ...

Speed Workout
Campbell Jr. High Track, Lees Summit, MO
75 degrees, 70% humidity, 6MPH SSW wind
     2 mile warm up 
     400M ... 1:16 (5:04/pace)
     400M ... 1:15 (5:00/pace)
     400M ... 1:14 (4:56/pace)
     400M ... 1:13 (4:52/pace)

     800M ... 2:54 (5:48/pace)
     800M ... 2:51 (5:42/pace)

     2 mile run ... 6:24 avg pace (first mile@6:21, second mile@6:28)
     1 mile run ... 5:53
     2 mile run ... 6:50 avg pace (first mile@6:52, second mile@6:48
     1/2 mile cool down                                                                                   
10 miles total

Overall, I felt really good about the workout.  It wasn't killer or anything, but I handled all the paces just fine and hit all my splits.  In fact, most of my times were well below my splits.  So hopefully this will bode well for my race this weekend.  My 10K PR is only 39:52 for a 6:25 pace.   I'm hoping that on a flat course with good conditions on Saturday, I can crush that time - but we'll see.  Hope your training's going well too!
... be great today!


  1. Oh I have no doubt in my mind that you will crush that current PR!!

  2. Working out at 4:30 is impressive. The very few times I workout at 5 I feel very virtuous.


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