Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tentative 2014 Race Schedule

Ten days after the Richmond Marathon, my legs are enjoying the recovery, but my mind is already beginning to get a little restless in anticipation of my next race.  Unfortunately, there are none in the immediate future.   So, while filling this recovery space with trips to the dentist, trying not to fall of the roof while putting up Christmas lights, and trying desperately to get my diet back on track - I've started arranging my 2014 Race Schedule, to give me a little direction and motivation.  Here's what I have tentatively so far ...

March 2 Little Rock Marathon Little Rock, Arkansas
April 26 Garmin Half Marathon Olathe, Kansas                               
June 22 Estes Park Marathon Estes Park, Colorado
August 30 Pocatello Marathon Pocatello, Idaho
September 22 Omaha Half Marathon Omaha, Nebraska
October 11 Hartford Marathon Hartford, Connecticut
October 12 Newport Marathon Newport, Rhode Island
November 1  Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Indianapolis, Indiana

The Garmin and Omaha Half Marathons will be PR attempts.  I want to run a 1:25 an automatically qualify for the NYC Marathon so I don't have to mess with the lottery system.  Pocatello and Indianapolis Monumental will be my 3:00  marathon attempts.  I've put Pocatello on the schedule the last couple of years, but then took it off, so we'll see.  This will be my second run at Indianapolis Monumental, and also Little Rock, but I love both of those races, plus Indy is flat and fast.  Also, Hartford & Newport will by my second back-to-back marathons, the first was Kansas City & Des Moines a few years ago.  With the help of my "Race Every Weekend Wife", we'll undoubtedly sprinkle in a few 5 & 10K's, but this will pretty much be the basis of design.

There were a couple of other States we wanted to check off this year like Michigan, Oregon, and a couple of other East Coast trips, but we're not made of money so unfortunately those will have to wait.   The problem is this, the blue shaded States are the ones I've completed.  I've used up almost all of the States within driving distance, and from here on out, most of the trips will include air travel and much more expense.  So the second half of the U.S. will probably go a little slower than the first.

My 1:25 and 3:00 marathons times are really ambitious considering my PR's are 1:28:03 and 3:10:39 respectively.  But turning 45 next month, and the great running year I had in 2013 has really lit a fire inside me so hopefully I can stay injury free and keep it going. I don't know how many "speedy years" I have left.
... be great today!


  1. Great list of races. I'm impressed! Hartford is on my list for next year. Hope to see you there!

  2. It's way soon, but I bet you could go sub-3 at the Louisiana marathon in january.

  3. Don't forget the Vermont City Marathon in May. Best race ever. Just had this conversation with 2 workers yesterday. GREAT RACE!

  4. Kentucky's not a bad drive for you guys still. I guess the drive home could kind of suck though. I drove 8 hours home from my first (only, to date) marathon and that wasn't ideal.

    One of my favorite things about December is getting ready to write year in review/next year goals posts. Looks like you've got a lot to look forward to already.

  5. That list makes me envious. I did the Estes Park Half Marathon. It's a a beautiful, fun, small town-race. Just don't forget to pack your oxygen tank.

  6. Hooray, Colorado! Hope we can connect while you're out here!

  7. Newport is a beautiful place to run. I've run the 1/2 twice and a variety of other races. Hartford I've heard is a good one and a friend has it in her sights for next year too! Good luck especially back to back!!

  8. YAY, I will finally get to meet you and Michael in person! I am also doing the Monumental Marathon in Indy.

    Looking forward to 2014.
    Susan SRMS

  9. Hey Jim, I was looking at your map and I thought I might put something together that's a little more interactive. Check it out and feel free to grab/reuse/etc:


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