Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shine A Light In The Dark

Work lights I bought for my dark early morning track workouts
I'm sick.  I never get sick.  But I'm sick.  And it sucks.  I probably  haven't had this bad of a cold or flu or emphysema or whatever it is in 5 or 6 years.  It started in my head and I thought I was pretty much over it, but now, after 8 days, it's fully entrenched in my lungs.  Which made this morning's track workout miserable.

It wasn't horrible out this morning, about 36 degrees with a 10mph breeze.  But the cooler air made my lungs and throat feel like they were on fire.  So, I'll probably regret the workout later when I'm in bed with pneumonia, but I got it in ... so GO me!

I typically do my track workouts at Campbell Jr High, where both of  my kids went to middle school.  It's literally pitch black on the track early in the morning.  So last year I bought a set of work lights that I take with me when I've got a Speed Workout scheduled.  It's weird how much it helps.  Light is amazing!  You can do so many things ... so much better ... when they're illuminated!  More than anything, it just seems to give me a little perspective of distance when I'm circling, about to pass out, in the dark.  I just focus on "let the light be my guide" ... which is a metaphor for life, but we'll save that for another time.

I cut today's workout really short since I was hacking up a lung for most of it, but here's how it went ...

       2 mile warm up
       10 x 400Meter @ 1:20 ... which is a 5:20/pace
       1 mile @ 6:20/pace
       Half mile cool down

I planned on doing 20 sets of 400 Meter laps, but after about two laps of not being able to breath, I knew I was gonna have to whittle that down a little. But at least I got some work in.  Now I've just gotta kick this stupid sickness.  Have a great week ... GO SHOCKERS!!!
... be great today!


  1. A bit of exercise can be a great pivot for better health. A huge part of recovering from an illness is getting the right medication and health care that we can, or should have, in the early stages of recovery. Hope you are doing well.

    Aurora DX

  2. Bring your own lights....that's commitment! Feel better soon, I was sick 2 weeks ago and had to really lay low and it sucked! I can't work with anything sinus or ear. No time for that!

    1. Thanks Kathee, yeah, it's starting to affect my workouts, which is a problem.

  3. Lights make those potholes, that you're convinced have opened up in the dark ground in front of you, just disappear.

    Look after yourself Jim. And remember if the sickness is below your neck don't exercise - if it's just a head cold you're good to go.

  4. That's a really good workout despite not feeling good!

    Great speed on the 400's. Did they feel super tough in the moment?

    1. My legs felt great, but my lung made it one of the toughest I've done in a while


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