Saturday, January 17, 2015

Detailed Marathon Training, Jan 11-17

Really good week of training, followed by decent run on Saturday. 71 miles was the furthest I've been since last Fall, but felt fairly strong throughout, though a little fatigued during the Saturday Marathon Pace Long Run.  Other than, really pleased at this point, with six weeks until the Phoenix Marathon.

I got through the run on Saturday, but it was a little tougher than I had planned at this point in my training. I probably started a little faster than I needed too, but just really had a tough time finding a rhythm in the pace.  When I got close to 7:00/mile I seemed to really be fighting it a little.  But when I started the long run this morning, I immediately noticed that I was a little fatigued, and my legs felt a little dead.  So all things considered, it wasn't bad.  Next week is a recovery week, so pretty  much every mile will be at a slow pace, except for some very slow "Pick Ups" midweek.
... Be Great Today! 


  1. You are killing it!! Rest week next week is well deserved! :) Kristen

  2. Thanks for posting this. Very helpful indeed. I wish I had your diligence as far as doing "core" work. Usually it is a few crunches or planks punctuated by watching TV for a few minutes. I'd love to do two-a-days as far as running goes, but I am not a before work runner. Maybe once it warms up I'll try to sneak in a few extra miles before the sun rises.

    Keep up the good work.


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