Tuesday, July 28, 2015

She My Track Queen

No, Michael didn't actually go to the track with me this morning for day Track Tuesday, but if she would've, she'd of course be my "Track Queen".  Couldn't resist.

As far as the track session, it was pretty good.  I sound like a broken record by now but it was suffocating again this morning ... 82F & 75% humidity at 5:00 a.m.  Friends, that's literally like trying to run under water. A slowly bubbling black pot of steaming boiling water.  So my times were a little slower than planned, but overall, it was a good workout.

It was still a while before sunrise when I started, so I also brought along my shop lights.   They do a good job of illuminating the lanes and giving me a focal point in the darkness.  It just seems to make the run go better when I have them with me.

Here is the workout ... basically just 4 one mile repeats with two minutes of rest between:

2 mile warm up + 4x1mile repeats (6:05, 5:56, 5:53, 5:52) + 1 mile cool down for a total of 7 miles

I've really tried to focus on my form lately and not heel strike so much, which I've slowly eased back into.  The track is a great place to work on that.  My form is good here in the photo, but mostly I was posing and using the best shot, so of course it looks good, ha.

In the afternoon I got in four very slow recovery miles.  It was 98 degrees in KC, so I made sure I ran in the shade, got plenty of water, and really really slowed my pace.  But it was good to get the second run in.  Pretty good day of running!  Hope your workouts are going well too!  I'll be in da kitchen cookin' pies.
... Be Great Today!


  1. Nice miles in this heat. Really, it's unbearable...
    I still heel strike but I'm trying to get away from it. When you transitioned, what did you focus on? Actual foot landing, or what your hips were doing, or overall movement?

  2. Mostly hip strength, so I could "lift" my leg through the stride instead of "swinging" it. As my hips got stronger, I found that I could "gently" place my forefoot on the ground instead of "slamming" my heel. Also, I really tried to focus on landing my foot directly under my hips instead of out in front of me. That's something I still really have to focus on, mainly because I tend to try to run too fast and over-stride.

  3. another solid track workout in the humidity/heat!!!!!
    way to negative split there,speedy!!

  4. Snap! We had the same set at speed this week. Unfortunately I didn't negative split mine but the first three reps were consistent. We won't talk about the last one.

  5. Maybe the most comment anyone has ever left me ... YOU saying "SNAP!!!" ... so awesome!!!!!!!

  6. Any reference to Trap Queen is a good one. Well done.
    Also, very fast mile repeats. Do you walk during your 2 minute recovery or slow jog?
    And have you gotten with the times and got on Strava yet? :)

    1. Ha, no - I'm not on Strava yet, just Garmin Connect (so I know, it didn't happen). I usually try to slow jog during repeats, but I walked during these.

  7. You should get on strava- you can send your garmin workouts over there just by adding a sync on the strava site.
    The workout looks pretty damn good to me. I have lost most of my quickness, (if I ever had it), so anything sub6 for more than 10 seconds is blistering!


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