Friday, January 1, 2016

No Running In 2016 ...

No running in 2016 ... so far.  Ha, gotcha!  Of course I'll be running in 2016 ... a lot.  But New Year's Day happened to fall on Friday this year, which is always a scheduled "no run" day for me, but here's what I did to kick off '16 ...

100 Knee Ups
50 bar lateral bends
2 x 1:05 hip bridge
2 x 1:05 Superman pose
2 x 1:05 plank, both sides & front
2 x 20 ab wheel
2 x 20 banded oblique twists
3 x 30 push ups
2 x 12 weighted incline bench
3 x 10 dips
2 x 10 side deltoid flies
2 x 12 weighted chest flies
2 x 15 rear deltoid dumbell pulls
2 x 15 lateral deltoid dumbell pulls

Didn't do a ton of movements, but really trying to increase weight a little for some of the reps
I'm getting stronger

Be the fire.

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  1. No running for me either, as I spent the end of '15 and the beginning of '16 throwing up everything I've ever eaten.
    Since I've now made it from the computer room to the living room without stopping, I'm sure an ultramarathon is in my future, though.


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