Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wow, Even Slower ... LOL

Here's a little known fact.  If you stuff your body with junk food for three months, gain 15 lbs, and don't train as much as you should ... your finishing time for any foot race you decide to run will be much slower than normal.  I proved it on Sunday!

Literally laughing at my time as I looked at looked at Steve Blew, the race director, as I crossed the finish line
Michael and I ran another half marathon this past weekend ... only because it had been scheduled for a while.  And the results were not great.  But do I care ... nope.  I've turned the page on the worst winter and spring I've had in a while and it's full speed ahead, baby!

Finisher medal (which I was thankful to finish) and medal for Age Group First Place in 45-49
Because it was a small inaugural race of about 650 people, I actually won my age group, which I felt a little sheepish about considering it was my second slowest time ever of 1:39:48.  Man, I just couldn't make my legs turn over.

And yes friend, there are some who have said to me "I would love to run a sub 1:40".  I understand, and don't in any way mean to belittle anyone else's time.  But it was just much slower than what I've done in the past.  I've preached this A THOUSAND times ... but I believe we're all just stamped genetically with a time range. I'm never gonna be a 5:15/pace marathoner ... and some are never gonna be a 9:00/pace ... it's just the way we're made. The finishing time really doesn't matter.  Heck ... there were a TON of folks in that race who deserved a medal much more than I did on Sunday.  It's just a point of reference, that's all.  Frankly I get tired of defending the position just because some of us are born with a little more natural speed than others ... which I had to do again after the race on Sunday.  It's like some want to make you feel bad about your time.  I mean, I couldn't care less about another's time ... why is the fact that my time is faster such an issue.  I NEVER volunteer the time unless I'm asked specifically.  Anyway ... that's a much deeper topic for another day.

We had a good time catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a while. And after the race I felt pretty good as far as health, and hopefully it will continue to get me on the right track.  Later that night, while sitting in the movie Jungle Book ... WHICH IS AWESOME ... I didn't notice any weird pain, and I've even ran a couple of times since.  And more than anything, I'm thankful for the ability to even run 13 miles after the spring I've had, and enjoyed getting out there with everyone for a nice day.  The point is ... the slower than normal times this spring aren't a big deal to me.  I'm back on the wagon now and hopefully I'll get some of this weight off and get back to running consistently again soon.  Hope your training is going well!  Have a great week!
   - Jim Weatherly


  1. Good to have you back on the wagon! And I totally get where your coming from in regards to the time thing. It's a complete reference point! In the grand scheme of things, whether a person runs a 1:10 half or a 2:10 half both times are faster than everyone sitting on the couch!!!!
    Looking forward to having you back in blog land! Hope you are able to stay healthy and injury free this training season!!!

  2. It's still an age group win! I'd take it!
    Word to the wise, though: I got slow and never got my speed back. It just never happened. Boo. You never know.

  3. Congrats Jim and good to see you running / racing again.

  4. Glad you're racing again and not obsessed about your slower time (which is smokin' fast in my book but, as you said, it's all relative). And eating junk food for three months sounds kind of fun. I may try that some time, lol. Cheers and happy running.


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