Friday, January 28, 2011

Full Circle

The other day I heard the phrase, "Be who you were meant to be ... not the person you've allowed yourself to become."  I really like it.  It applies to so many different areas of our lives.

I know many things seem to come full circle.  And that's becoming more and more true about my life physically over the last few years.  When I was younger, I felt like athletically I could do anything!  Need evidence?  Well I made the freaking El Dorado Springs, MO Little League All-Star team in 1976!
8 year old me ... contemplating my first big league contract
(front row second from the left)
We were awesome!  Sucka's tried to step on the diamond with us and got a beat down ... faster than you can say "pitcher's hand".

All jokes aside, ('cause I'm always totally serious about little league) I was a decent athlete when I was a kid.  I lettered in three sports in high school and played baseball in college.  I was even voted "Most Athletic" in my senior class - never mind that there were only like 7 people who graduated with me.

But when the little'uns got here, all I wanted to do was be a great father.  I focused all my time and energy on doing that to the best of my ability.  I stopped working out and doing anything ... and I mean anything, athletically at all.  I didn't the concept of mixing parenthood with staying physically fit.

For about a 10 year period I became a permanent fixture next to the throw pillows on the couch.  I'm 6'2", and got up to about 230.  That doesn't sound HUGE or anything - but I have a VERY small frame.  Like a chick.  Small wrists & arms that are often mistaken for lose threads hanging off of my shirts.  Bony talons for feet that rattle around in any pair of shoes I buy.  My PowerBand bracelet is a FREAKING SMALL.  Get it?  230 was way too big!

But when I was 30ish, I started slowly running, gradually increasing the increments.  I started working out more and eating better and losing weight.  Today I am still 6'2", but 180 ... and I've never felt better.  And even though I was very active when I was a kid, I feel like it's nothing compared to what I'm able to do now.

I think when I was younger I just took good health for granted.  I thought I was bullet proof and nothing could stop me.  It took getting really out of shape to appreciate being physically fit. It has been a long road, and I'm still not where I want to be, but it's better than a few years ago.

I was clearly "meant to be" one of the worlds greatest baseball players.  I just got a little side-tracked.  Who were you meant to be?  Who have you allowed yourself to become?  It's never too late.  I'm 42 ... but I promise you ... I WILL run 50 marathons in 50 states!
... be great today!


  1. Be great today! I am sorry but I have taken this as my personal motto. I love it!

    FYI, I dedicated my Friday Lyrics to you! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Love the photo.

    you picking your nose?! or is that a flip off?

    Oh & I'm with Christi love the "be great today" I add a "freaking" but . . . ;)

  3. Isn't it funny how, as kids, we are our authentic selves, but over time, often life gets in the way?
    One of the key things I did when getting back to a better lifestyle was remembering things I loved to do as a kid.
    I have no doubt there are 50/50 marathons and more in you!

  4. Be who you were meant to be--got it. Love it. Have a great weekend slugger.

  5. Be Great Today! Thanks for the reminder...

  6. Thanks Daddy! And don't worry- being a great daddy wasn't a total waste of time lol. I think I turned out ok? Lol jk. Love you!

  7. Great old photo!

    Who am I meant to be? I think I am still figuring that one out.

    No doubt that you can run 50 in 50 if you want to.

  8. Love the LL photo....hilarious.

    Come by the site tomorrow for nutrition information. I am typing up a post about it after a great presentation I went to last night.

  9. I wish I'd figured out that I was clearly meant to be an ultra runner before I had kids...

    Instead, I'll settle for running slowly for less miles and be happy with that.

  10. You always have great posts that make me stop and quietly dwell on my personal life for a second. Thank you.

  11. This is one of my favorites: Surrender to being the type of person you are.

  12. Wow! too bad all Dads don't have the same desire or focus. Great post! Let me know when you plan your Southern Marathons.


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