Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kansas City Groundhog Run - My Daughter's First Race

Madi, Michael and I, plus our friends Ken and Cindy, ran the 2011 Kansas City Groundhog Run this morning and had a blast!!!  It's an annual 5 & 10K race held at the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis in Kansas City, MO, and benefits Childrens's TLC (Therapeutic Learning Center).  The race is held completely underground in tunnelled out caves which act as the world's largest underground business complex.  It's was pretty different - but a great experience.

It was my daughter, Madison's, first race ever, and I know that I'm speaking now purely as a proud papa, but ... SHE KILLED IT!!!  She was so awesome, chicking several guys, and laughing about it while she did it!  She ran her fastest 10K ever at, 1:05:30!  But more importantly, we had a great morning of running together.  I'm glad I got to share her first race with her.  It's something we both will remember forever!

Here is the day in pictures ... enjoy!!!
Check-in Friday & Saturday at the Ward Parkway Shopping Center
Madison at her first packet pickup - man is she stoked! 
Everyone excited on the way to the caves!
We had to park about 3/4 mile from the entrance to the caves
Everyone freezing!  16 degrees with 15mph wind from car to race.
These goundhogs saw their shadow ... 73 more weeks of winter!
On the way to the race!
At the entrance of the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis
Hollowed out caves in the SubTropolis ... you're literally underground!
All I want this year for Groundhog day is ... NORMAL FRIENDS!
Madi, Michael and me with Madi's first race sign ... Be Great Today!
Me and Fox4 Meteorologist Don Harmon ...
... later he told the crowd that we would get 12" of snow this week!
Michael, Ken and Cindy at the 5K Starting Line
Maid stylin' her race t-shirt
Michael the trooper after her 5K ...
... she was really under the weather, but ran anyway!
Last sip of H2O before the 10K
On your marks, get set ...
... wait, is that the longest shorts they sell there, big guy?
A few nerves before the 10K gun!
10K Starting  Line
That'a girl ... Be Great Today ... You Got This Madi!!!
Oh no ... she's CHICKING these fools in her first race ...
... sorry sucka's, I created a monster!
Me and my "baby" girl after her first race!!!


  1. Daddy! I LOVE THIS POST!
    Today will go down in the books as one of my very favorite days of my life. I had soooo much fun and I'm so pumped for Oklahoma now. You are absolutely my favorite and I'm so blessed to have you as my personal trainer, support system, but mostly my dad! I love you soooo much! Thanks for pushing me to be great today! =)
    You are such an encouragement and I couldn't run without you!
    Alright, enough of that sentimental garbage... Grab yourself a tissue and buy yourself some longer shorts- We've got a half marathon to train for! =)
    Lol love you!

  2. Oh YEAH! I forgot to say thanks for my sign. That was the greatest thing ever! I'm hanging it up over the treadmill for encouragement! =)

  3. Cutest post ever and cutest comments from your daughter. I love that. 73 more weeks of winter! AHH! If that were the case I would run underground too. Great post.

  4. Really neat Jim. Madi looks like a great kid. Congrats to her chicking so many guys too. Soon, she will be chicking Pops.

  5. Congrats to Madi on a great race! I wish I had started running when I was that young!!!

  6. What a proud poppa! Congrats to your kick butt daughter :)

  7. What a great post. I love how you have such a loving and supportive relationship with your daughter. Makes me wish I knew my father. Great job Madi!!

  8. Looks like an interesting race, being underground and all.

  9. WOOHOO!!!! Congrats Madi! Atta' Girl!

  10. Awesome!
    I've heard lots of good things about the groundhog run, but have never done it. Sounds like a fantastic day for the two of you!

  11. That is so great! Congrats Madi!

  12. Way to Go Madi! So nice to have your Dad there to support you . Have fun training together for the half.

  13. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! =)

  14. So awesome Madi! You guys make a great team. Love the pics! Such a great day, such a sweet Dad!

    (did your Garmin work in the cave?)

  15. Hap ... nope! Just had to keep time old school.

  16. Thanks for sharing! Congrats to her on her first race!

  17. I didn't even know underground races existed! I wish I'd started running at that age, but even better than that is having a dad to run with. Great post! Congrats to your sweet daughter!

  18. Great Job Madi...I'm so proud of are such and awesome kid and neice! Love you...aaaaand your Dad's not bad either ;)


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