Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Workout ... Treadmill Recovery Run

            Course:  Legacy Park Gym Treadmill
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:19:42
       Avg Pace:  7:58/mile
         Workout:   Treadmill Recovery Run
               Temp:  6 Degrees, Wind 20NW
          Calories:  1109
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  149 bpm
Miles this week:  24

Pretty uneventful - fair run.  Energy level was pretty low, but I hit it pretty hard yesterday.  6" of snow outside with -12 degree windchill ... so I chickened out and ran inside. It was just a recovery run so no big deal.  I was happy I kept my heart rate below 150.
Jack helping me with planks
(psst ... don't tell him, but he's really  just stretching)
I plan on swimming with a light upper body workout later today.  Tomorrow should be a pretty light day too.  Nothing major planned this week.  Good recovery week.


  1. Your puppy is adorable so glad he could help you with your workout. My cat often tries to help me with my stretching.

  2. yay for treadmill runs!

    ed! [tread]. ;)


  3. It snowing here today. I wish like anything I could be outside running but with no support this evening for the kiddos, I'll be back on that treadmill. Gee, I wonder how well treadmills tolerate snow??? jk


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