Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be GRAPE Today & Garmin Error

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Gotta love technology ... sorta!
On a different (and verrry ironic) note ... after yesterday's post about some of the different information I use to help me with race prep, I got this fantastic message when I opened my "Running Spreadsheet"...

GONE!!!  The file had somehow been corrupted and all of my information was erased & was unrecoverable.  I've built and modified this spreadsheet since 2008 ... it has over 1000 day's of training in it! Panic! What the ... !  Fortunately, I had it backed-up.  Unfortunately, the file had not been backed up for two months, so I'll be re-entering a lot of data this week.

Then this ...
I plug in my Garmin Forerunner to download yesterday's workout and I get an "error message" in Garmin Training Center that tells me the data has been lost, and it can't connect to my Forerunner 305, and I need to call the Garmin 1-800 phone #!!! NO FREAKING WAY!!!

So I called and talked to John (a shout out to John ... great guy and very helpful ... & spoke perfect English).  He was able to restore & update the program over the phone.  He also helped me with Garmin Connect.  It's Garmin's online version of Training Center with a few more bells and whistles than my local version.

Actually, he gave me good tip:
I typically don't delet workouts on my Garmin until I get the screen message, "oldest mile will be overwritten".  So I usually have about 3 months of workouts stored on the unit at all times.  He said that the more information that was stored on the unit, the greater chance there is of the info becoming corrupt.  He said he HIGHLY recommended clearing the workouts fairly often, after I had them stored off-site in Garmin Training Center, or online at Garmin Connect.  I told him I had lost quite a bit of data in the past, and he said that was probably why.

What a day!  I love technology and gathering data ... but it's funny how completely dependent on it I have become.  What's next ... I'll have to go back to a wrist watch, pen & paper? NOOOOOOOOO!!!
... be great today!


  1. Love the "Be Great Today" line, I would def pick some up! LOL!

    Not so great about the Garmin/Spreadsheet issues! Oy!!! I recently did the same thing with a spreadsheet... will be much better about backing up from here on out!

  2. Sign me up for the "Be great today" line of accessories!

  3. Totally sucks when you lose data. Not cool. I'll take the be great today eyewear :)

  4. I prefer the pencil and calendar method, but I have been forced into this technology stuff. What's a gal to do...

    Actually, my husband bought me a Garmin 405 for Christmas and I really like it. Thank you for your public service announcement about deleting old data.

  5. I want the glasses but they have to be sunglasses. They would look sweet. Maybe some swimming goggles too!!!!

    I have created a spreadsheet for this year and the other day half the entire month of January was gone. Fortunately I had my totals so I just subtracted my new numbers and entered January as a whole. Not great but better than getting frustrated.

    Be Great Today!!!!

    Tell Michael I said hey and I am waiting on her next food pic. She got a great reciipe for pizza on Sunday. Convince her to make it for you.

  6. whoa, sorry to hear about all the technical problems recently! Your

    One suggestion on spreadsheets, I've never tracked workouts on spreadsheets before, but when I start for marathon training, I'm probably going to use google spreadsheets, which are saved on an internet server, so it's impossible to lose the data I think. You can also access the file from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It's not as powerful as microsoft excel, but seems like tracking workouts is all I would use the program for.

    And your slogan of "Be Great Today" is awesome!

  7. I'll take a "Be Grape Today" shirt for sure :D

  8. OH MY GOSH. This was the funniest thing ever. Hahahhhahaaaa! Thanks for passing on your sense of humor to me. I love it. I'm glad I have you to understand my stupid jokes and vice versa. Lol.

  9. Aren't cool Bloggers supposed to give away cool stuff? I think so. Good advice on the Garmin. Thanks.

  10. Who needs a marketing team? I think you have it covered :)


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