Sunday, February 6, 2011

Workout ... Last Long Run Before Austin

            Course:  Blackwell O&B 4X
                Miles:  20            
                Time:  2:41:15
        Avg Pace:  8:03/mile
         Workout:   Long Run
               Temp:  22 Degrees, Wind 12SW
          Calories:  2324
  Total Ascent:  1668 ft
            Avg HR:  154 bpm (83% max)
Miles this week:  62

Not a great run.  Just really weird.  Forced myself to run outside since this is the last long run before the Austin Marathon in 2 weeks.  Snow everywhere - barely any room on the road.  Had to run out & backs on Blackwell since it is four lane all the way to Langsford.  With covered snow covered sidewalks, I try to find a four lane road to run on so drivers have room to get over before passing.  Had to run the out & back four times to get in 20 miles.  It was incredibly boring and tough to push through mentally since I was on the same 5 mile stretch of road over and over and over. My time was slower than I wanted too.

The main concern is I am still struggling with energy levels during runs.  I've tinkered with my diet a little over the past few weeks, and during my long runs, I just don't seem to have adequate fuel.  My legs feel fine and I'm not really breathing that hard, I just don't have any "push" or drive for some reason.  Like I'm empty.  Plus, since its so cold and the ground is frozen, my feet always feel like they are pounding the ground the whole time.  I'm really afraid my time at Austin is going to be really slow.  Maybe around 3:50 or something - It will just depend on the hills and how I can power through those last 6 miles. I know a lot of people would be happy with that time, but I was really hoping to run something close to 3:30 really smooth and easy.

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  1. I hope you get great weather in Austin!!!!!!!!


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