Sunday, March 6, 2011

Workout Journal ... Long Run, Lees Summit Loop

            Course:  Lees Summit Loop
                Miles:  15            
                Time:  1:55:35
        Avg Pace:  7:42/mile
            Avg HR:  158
         Workout:   Long Run
               Temp:  33 Degrees, Humidity 70%, Wind 10NE
Miles this week:  66

Workout Summary:
Good long run!  Looped from home to Chipman Crossing and back. Ran with the wind on first half, and then against a chilly headwind on the way home.  Started slow and finished strong, here are the splits.

      Mile 1  ... 8:45
      Mile 2  ... 8:19
      Mile 3  ... 8:13
      Mile 4  ... 7:55
      Mile 5  ... 7:44
      Mile 6  ... 7:26
      Mile 7  ... 7:19
      Mile 8  ... 7:28
      Mile 9  ... 7:20
      Mile 10... 7:30
      Mile 11... 7:18
      Mile 12... 7:31
      Mile 13... 7:29 
      Mile 14... 7:23
      Mile 15... 7:36

Really strong run after 10 miles with Madison yesterday.  Started pushing a little at Mile 5 trying to run 5-10 at 7:30/pace.  Actually averaged about 7:24/pace during these 10 miles, so I was pretty happy with that.  Felt a little tired and grawgy during the first 3 miles, but eventually found a good stride and got pretty strong the remainder of the run.

I have moved my long runs to Sunday, following a run with Madison (her long run) on Saturdays.  This will be a new challenge.  Up until now, I have always taken the day off before my long run, but I'm going to run with her as long as I can - the mileage might get to be too much during this training cycle.  For example.  I don't know how comfortably I can run 12-13 with her on Saturday, and then run 22-23 on Sunday for my long run ... but we'll see.

Everything feels healthy and strong.  The inside of my left ankle continues to hurt a little when it gets cold outside ... I have no idea why, but other than that everything is fine.  Took a 20min ice bath after the run.  Lite run tomorrow and then back to tempo and speed work in the mid-week.

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  1. Nice. Jim is feeling powerful and unstoppable for Boston. Keep up the good work young man.

  2. Damn! Great run!

  3. Congratulations on those strong splits further into your run! Whoo hoo!

  4. Nice splits Jim. I usually start hitting my stride around mile 6 or 7 kinda like you appeared to do today. Sounds like your training is going great for Boston!


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