Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Workout Journal ... Downtown Loop, Progressive Run

            Course:  Lees Summit Downtown Loop
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:22:28
        Avg Pace:  7:28/mile
            Avg HR:  160
         Workout:   Progressive Run
               Temp:  37 Degrees, Humidity 83%, Wind 9E
Miles this week:  15

Workout Summary:
Great progressive run! With the exception of Mile 5 ... it was perfect.  Ran Mile 5 a few seconds slow ... stupid Mile 5!  After a couple of warm up miles, got progressively faster until the last mile which was a cool down.

      Mile 1  ... 8:38
      Mile 2  ... 8:01
      Mile 3  ... 7:52
      Mile 4  ... 7:25
      Mile 5  ... 7:27
      Mile 6  ... 7:20
      Mile 7  ... 7:15
      Mile 8  ... 7:01
      Mile 9  ... 6:56
      Mile 10... 6:53
      Mile 11... 7:38
Couldn't be happier with another really strong run.  Felt fluid and smooth throughout with no pain anywhere!  During the last couple of training cycles, I've really been trying to SLOW WAY DOWN on my non speed or tempo days.  It feels almost too slow when I'm running it, but I feel incredibly refreshed and "healed" during the timed workout the next day ... like today's.  It really helps that the weather is warming up too.  It was only 37 degrees today during my run, but I ran in shorts and felt fine.  Little wind was a great bonus this morning too. 

I track all of my training times for every race.  This week is "week 6" before the Boston Marathon.  And I ran faster today than any other "week 6" Tuesday run.  I know that sounds silly, but it was a huge mental lift feeling like I'm getting faster and stronger.  Hopefully I'll stay healthy until Boston!

View the complete workout at Garmin Connect:


  1. What a great run!!!
    In my dreams I can go that fast (maybe)...and since I fly in my dreams, my feet don't even touch the groudd :D

    Good job on some awesome speed!

  2. Great run and good to hear things are progressing for Boston!

  3. The whole slowing down to get faster works. It is tough but it works.

    I'll see you in Boston! - I'll buy you a drink.

  4. Good job! It is tough to go slow on slower days. I struggle with that as well. Nice job!

  5. Awesome job on the strong week 6 Tueaday run! That is cool you have them tracked so you can compare. I can't believe Boston is getting so close!

  6. wow, let the good times roll, you are on fire!

  7. Great run! You will do great at Boston, Daddy!

  8. and can I suggest renaming Tuesdays workout "Tempo Tuesday"? haha


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