Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Know The Drill ...

Nelly of Nelly On The Run suggested that I play along with Chris K's new blog world craze ... so here goes!  I think I'm supposed to say "Ask me anything and I'll answer!"  Well,  okay ... no problem.  Bring it!

(I have no idea why anything I answer would be interesting to anyone ... but whatever!)

Here are the people that I think should play along too ...
L.B. of Muddy Runner
Michael of SlowlyTri-Ing
Rachelle of Running for Trevor
Lisa of Eat Pray Run
Kara Goucher of
(Don't hold your breath on the last one, I don't even think she knows I exist)
... be great today!


  1. Have you thought about your Vermont marathon?

  2. You might be surprised that Kara answers. Haha! How's the heat down there? It's brutal up here so I know it's bad where you are.

  3. ok...I will play of course..

    Will the California marathon be in the south? with that guy from San Diego..the one with whom you have a bromance with and thinks he is all that..hmm I mean manly..cannot remember his name...?

    So that closer to 40 or to 50?

    Favorite movie?

    Favorite sports moment?

    Have you visited other countries?

    Why can't you accept that your wife is always right? Life would be easier if you did, trust me.

    who would like to meet?

  4. Where did your tag line "be great today" come from?

  5. I hope Kara Goucher answers! haha

    Great question by Char!

    What sports did you play in high school?

    What are your favorite bands? You said that you have some warped tour bands on your ipod which surprised me!

    What is your last marathon going to be if (more likely when) you make it to do all 50 states?

  6. What happens when you complete 50 after 40??

  7. When are you going to run either Badwater, Comrades, or Western States 100? Don't you think 26.2 is a little short for someone as studly as you?

    As a long time Royals fan, what is your recommendation that would allow small market teams to compete against the Yankees & Phillies of the world?

    If you were MLB Commissioner, would you abolish the DH? Make the NL add the DH? Or keep as-is?

    Don't you think you should ignore one of Caroline's questions?


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