Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Awesome Progression Run

I'm coming Tulsa!  You've been in my cross-hairs since about 24 hours after my back-to-back marathons last month.  And yesterday ... I took another step toward kicking your a--!  I'll never be super fast ... but I'm getting faster.  And I intend to make you feel my pain in about 12 days! 

Yes, I was basically threatening an inanimate object, the Tulsa Marathon on November 20th.  I find it's better to threaten things that can't talk back.  Although, I'm sure like any other marathon, it'll have plenty to say when the gun sounds on race day ... we'll see I guess!

Don't you love those runs where you feel a huge high when you're done!  Like you're invincible and it was one of the best workouts ever!  I've shared before that I feel I grow more in Tempo Runs than any other workout - but Progression Runs are one of my favorites forms of a Tempo Run (Progression Run - each mile gets faster to the end of the run).  And Yesterday, I ran probably my best and fastest Progression Run with the following splits...

Tuesday's Progression Run ... Goal: Final Mile About 1 Minute Below Marathon Pace
Miles 1 - 2 ... Warmup ... 8:34, 8:05
Miles 3 - 11 ... Progressively Faster  Tempo ... 7:43,  7:36,  7:00,  6:52,  6:50,  6:47,  6:44,  6:30,  6:24
Mile 12 ... Cool Down ... 7:38

Sometimes during a faster workout like this one, I'll stop for a second to catch my breath after the later miles. But during this run, I ran all twelve miles straight through without stopping. Go me! And my average heart rate was only 154, which was awesome!!!  It was really foggy at 49 degrees with 99% humidity, so I felt really good about being able to keep my heart rate low in the thick air.  Plus, I had a ton of energy left over at the end, and felt like I could have kept increasing the pace for a few more miles without too much trouble.

I hope this is a good sign for Tulsa.  I really want a good fast one to end the season on.  But NO PREDICTIONS!!!  I learned my lesson with Sioux Falls.  I still have Alabama in December, but I don't plan on killing myself in that one.  Hope your training is going well and you're staying healthy!  Have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. Have a great time in Tulsa! My brother is running the 1/2 there. Maybe you will bump into him! :)

  2. Maybe all the earthquakes in OK lately were because Tulsa is now shaking in its boots. Just thining out loud...

  3. very impressive workout! way to go!

  4. That's a really nice progression run there! I'm sure it will serve you well in Tulsa.

  5. I want you to get faster so I can watch you run with the lead pack in NYC! It's only a matter of time! :)

  6. Sweet! it truly is the BEST feeling when a hard workout is pulled off as planned.

    Rocket City is a FAST course. Bummer you not "all-out racing" that one. Super PR course....

    Good Luck at Tulsa! You are READY and I'm ready to read about it.

  7. "............!" -> enough said, you're AMAZING!

  8. I am always so impressed with your times.

    And believe me if I can swim anyone can. I was being sucked down to the bottom of the pool but I can go a little bit now actually in the position I think I am supposed to be.

    Good luck at your race.

  9. That's a beautiful progression run, Jim! You're such a master at this. Can't wait to hear how you do in Tulsa.

  10. awesome. keep up the great running!

    Coach Ken

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  11. You're totally going to kick the posterior of Tulsa. That was a great run and you may not think you're fast but I know you are.

  12. You are amazing! Seriously you killed it.

    I need you to pace me at a marathon. Have you tackled Idaho yet? I'm thinking about doing Pocetello next July.


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