Saturday, March 2, 2013

Solid 30 Miles & Frozen Yogurt

On Saturday I ran my first 30 miler of the year ... at my gym ... for the second straight week.  Due to almost 20 inches of snow still on the ground, and a 9 degree windchill at 7am, I opted for another run inside on my gym's track since I would be on my feet for almost 5 hours.  And all in all, it went pretty well.  I saw a lot of folks I recognized, and I stopped to chat with a few.  Also, at about noon, there was a Zumba class on the gymnasium floor below the track with about 100 people.  So the dancing entertained me for one of the hours.  But more than anything, running on the hard vinyl track for that long, looping in the same direction, made my feet really sore.  Worse than concrete or asphalt.  Hopefully they feel better quickly because I have a 15-20 miler scheduled tomorrow to recover.

After I was finished, Michael and I went and got some lunch, which happened to be right next to a frozen yogurt cafe.  I didn't have any - frozen yogurt, errrr ice cream is not really my thing.  But Michael loves it!  I tried to snap a quick embarrassing picture of her scarfing some yogurt, but the ol' gal just hammed it up for the camera.  Not ashamed at all of her frozen treat.  She almost looks proud!

(And by the way, YES ... I realize that my wife is much better looking than me.  She is hot.  I am slightly below average.  She is young.  I am old - 6 years difference.  She is smart.  I am slightly below average.  I get it.  Y'all don't have to keep saying it over and over and over.  I understand that I am very lucky!  But just know this ... the woman's bat sh-t crazy!)
... be great today!


  1. Frozen yogurt is the best. Did you say Michael was crazy? Who was it who ran 30 miles on a track around and around and around?

  2. wow 30 miles on an indoor track? Insane. Can you run the opposite way on the track? Might want to run half the run one way and half the other way to not inflame your IT band or hip from always running one direction.

  3. Wow.. 30 miles! Insane, man!!

    You're wife is the same as mine. Smart & beautiful and stuck with an average joe... LOL

  4. seems like michael,is not only the beautiful, smart one,she is quite sane....30 miles on an indoor track?
    bless your heart!
    hope your recovery run goes well and it shakes the soreness out of your feet!!!

  5. There's absolutely nothing wrong with batting above your average or punching above your weight. I say aim high - you never know what might happen and, in your case, did!

  6. So I'll say it one more time - Michael is way too cute :) I would be proudly eating the frozen yogurt too! As for crazy.... 30 miles on a track in a gym. uh yeah. I think you might be the one who is kuckoo!

  7. 30 miles! nice one esp in the gym. I love frozen yogurt man. have fun on your recovery run.

  8. haha! I love the comments.

    For someone who just ran 30 miles on a treadmill, I don't know if there is merit in calling someone else crazy :)

    Congrats, though. That's awesome!

    And Froyo is amazing.


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