Saturday, March 2, 2013

Omaha ... More Like "Oh My Arteries"

I work for a national concrete chemical and construction material manufacturer.  We sell to distributors, who then sell to end users like commercial contractors and some home owners.  I cover four states in the Midwest ... Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.  The Heartland.  On Thursday morning, I had a breakfast meeting with a customer at Leo's Diner in Omaha, Nebraska.  Leo's is a an old-style diner.  The kind that's long and narrow in shape, with booths lining one wall and a counter with stools on the other.  It even still has the original miniature jukeboxes mounted on the wall at each booth.  It's a really cool old landmark in North Omaha.

I'd already eaten after my morning workout, so I wasn't really "that" hungry.  But, I thought I'd just join him for some coffee, or eat some fruit or something (real manly ... I know).  One thing about the Midwest, especially Iowa and Nebraska, is everyone's as big as a barn.  Tall, strong, broad-shouldered men and women.  But honestly, while most are just wonderfully friendly and honest people ... most are drastically over-weight.  And after about 10 seconds of browsing Leo's menu, it becomes painfully obvious why ...

I began scanning the "food" list for anything remotely healthy ... but it was row after row of deep-fried steak, eggs, pancakes, sausage and gravy combinations ... with cheese and a side buttery potatoes.  Not a piece of fruit, bowl of oatmeal, or cup of yogurt in sight.  All delicious yes, but the enemy of a runner's diet.

So at this point I had a choice, opt for a cup of coffee or glass of water while everyone else enjoyed the vein-clogging goodies ... or hop right in and get fatter with the rest of 'em.  I chose option B.  I had a an omelet with no cheese and wheat toast, about as healthy as I could get.  I mean I didn't want to be rude.  And our sweet waitress, Linda, even knew my customer, Jon, by name.  I mean c'mon man ... am I really gonna go to Leo's Diner and not enjoy?   Please, all of you would've done the same.  I just took one for the team, that's all.

Successful business meeting with a good friend and customer at a fantastic greasy-spoon in the Midwest ... ONE.
Healthy living ... ZERO.
... be great today!


  1. As a Coast Guard brat I lived all over the country, including the midwest (as it turns out, those lakes need buoys, too). While to my unscientific observations the south seems much "fatter" in general, I was appalled by the diet in the midwest: so much preserved, canned, packaged, or processed food; so many simple starches; so few raw foods. I spent the two years I lived in Michigan eating pretty much just apples. I mean, the local claim to fame was some revolting doughy pie full of gravy. I couldn't stomach the food.
    But if I were at a diner I'm with you. I'd get an omelet. I never met an egg I didn't like!

  2. Egg and whole grain toast is always a good option. I usually get mine poached to reduce the fat.

  3. Way yo take one for the team man. Our town diner just revamped their menu with healthy choices like oatmeal fruits and stuff. Pretty cool i think. More restaurants should start getting the hint but if 99.99% of the peeps are ordering junk and then you walk in should they have a fruit bowl waiting? lol. be great too.


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