Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fastest Tempo Run Ever

Really good run this morning in Ankeny, IA.  It was my first Tempo Run since the Chicago Marathon and my conditioning still feels great, although I could tell my legs were still a little raw and slightly fatigued.   But I think the fatigue and had more to do with my strengthening workout on Monday evening.  Ankeny is the flattest place I train when I'm out of town on business.  The weather this morning was good at 50 degrees, with thick fog and 100% humidity.  Here are the splits ...

1)8:03      2)7:35     3)6:26     4)6:20     5)6:22     6)6:20     7)6:23     8)6:23     9)6:32     10)6:23     11)8:56

The 8 Tempo Miles were my fastest average pace ever for a run like this.  The best part is I never really felt like I was pushing too hard from a cardiovascular standpoint.  My heart rate was reasonable, and I managed the pace decently.  My legs were a little fatigued toward the end, but I had some pretty big weekend miles at a fairly aggressive pace, plus with the strengthening work on Monday, its probably to be expected.  Good workout overall though! Really encouraging.
... be great today!


  1. I ran two miles this morning and felt like death...I need some of your energy. It was 70 degrees this am!!!! 70!!!

  2. haha are you stealing all of Michael's energy? Nice job on the tempo run, that is speedy!

  3. I had my best tempo run since my marathon today too. In fact it was my only tempo run so I guess it was bound to be my best no matter how bad it was.

  4. Yea, I think Oregon got in trouble for using a recruiting service that they paid $20K but got no actual players from or something? I agree that they got off really easy, basically with no penalties. NCAA is so bizarre with how they do penalties - Penn State, USC and Ohio State get nailed to the wall, though Miami, North Carolina and Texas A&M get basically no penalties.

    As for Oregon recruiting, I don't think Oregon needs to cheat at all - have you seen pics of their new training facility? Simply out of control. Just show recruits that facility and they are sold.

    For Missouri, in looking at their schedule, you guys have a very good chance of getting to the SEC title game - you should definitely beat Tennessee and Kentucky. And yea, lol on all the Missouri haters when you guys likely for the the SEC title in your 2nd year!

    On a side note, but I still think that SEC teams should play 9 game conference schedules like the rest of the country. Though I do think the SEC is the best conference in the nation.

    And if ever there was a year for a 4 team playoff to happen, it's this year. Ohio State, Florida State and Bama all seem likely to go undefeated. Oregon has a good shot too. That would be 4 unbeatens. The last 3 years Stanford has been among the top 4 teams at the end, but hasn't had a shot at the national title yet.


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