Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Fool And His Fitness Are Soon Parted

Never again will I take almost a complete month off from running, unless I move to Antarctica or something and there's a delay in shipping my treadmill, because I'm not running outside in those temperatures.  I ran 14 miles today and it pretty much took 3 years of my life.  Here is a quick pre-run VLOG ...

Yes, I am posting video's at a fairly high frequency.   I got a new camera and video editing software for my birthday last  month and I've been messing around with them.  Anyway, here is an awesome picture of the sunrise today.  Isn't it awesome!  Red sky at morn, sailor take warn.  It was beautiful ... my run was not.

I actually managed 14 miles at an 8:13 pace, which in fairness to me would have been much faster if I wasn't so fat and out of shape right now.  Hope your training is going better than mine.  My legs hurt.
... be great today!


  1. That still sounds dang fast to me, but I know what you mean about coming back after a layoff. No fun getting back the fitness!

  2. Do NOT laugh at your wife when she is in pain. Unless you're a masochist and want to be in even more pain - for a long time. Because we women never forget.

    This has been a community service announcement for husbands world-wide.

  3. Beautiful photo there! I feel just exactly like you - fat and out of shape. Except I didn't run for like 5 months or something. I did twelve today, and it felt like I was running in peanut butter (cold peanut butter).

  4. My running's in the same out of shape boat, and I was pretty pissed about it a month ago (but not enough to do anything about it) but now I'm actually looking forward to the rebuilding and adapting process again. It's pretty cool to watch the body totally change form.

    At least that's what I'm going with.

    Happy New Year, Jim - hope 2014 brings lots of happy and healthy miles!

  5. that is an awesome sunset pic!

  6. I would take 14 miles at that pace :) I have hardly run for the past two month, but that isn't by choice, but I bet your body was ready for a break, you should be back in no time.

  7. OMG your killing me! Hilarious! Did you whistle that ending yourself? Pure genious! ;)

  8. I see a reality show in your future...

    has ESPN4 contacted you yet?

  9. A month off is nothing. You'll have it all back before you know it.


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