Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annoying "Feature" With My Garmin 910XT

I'm still new to my Garmin Forerunner 910XT, and for the most part I really like it.  However, twice now I've experienced something with it that I'm not exactly crazy about ...

On two recent occasions, I briefly stopped during a run ... once while on the treadmill to use the restroom, and another when I came back to the house for a warmer stocking cap.  Both times I walked by my computer wearing my Garmin 910XT.  The 910XT interfaces to my computer with a USB plug-in stick utilizing ANT Agent technology.  This allows the Garmin to transfer data to GarminConnect remotely as opposed to connecting a cable.  Well, when I passed by my computer ... in the middle of my runs ... my Garmin transferred the data to my laptop, while still on my arm!  When it did this, it reset all my readings for that run ...  time/pace/mileage/etc ... back to zero, like I was finished with the workout.  It just did it automatically!

Now, that might sound like a really cool feature, but when I started my run back up, and then later transferred the new data to GarminConnect, it looked like I had two separate runs.  For example, one for 2.6 miles, and another for 7.4 miles on a single 10 mile run.  It's not really that big of a deal other than it's a little annoying to have two separate workouts displayed as opposed to one.  More importantly though, I don't like the fact that it doesn't wait for me to "tell it" to transfer the data ... it just did it because I was in close proximity to the laptop with the USB stick plugged in.   I suppose I could take the USB stick off of my laptop and then put it back on every day when I transfer data, but it's really small and I'd prefer to leave it plugged in so I don't lose it.  There might be a selectable on-screen option on the 910XT to "tell it to transfer data" ... but I haven't been able to find it.

So that's my big dilemma for the day.  "Such problems ..." I know!  But if you know of a solution, I would really appreciate it.  This is really interfering with my data collection.  Have a great weekend!
... be great today!


  1. I've had the same issue with my 405cx. Very rarely, because if I get sucked back into my house during a run chances are low that I'll go back out. No answer to the issue, just commiseration. :)

  2. First world problems.

    You could also keep your laptop switched off for the duration of your run.

  3. It's a setting on the software on your computer. Right click on the Garmin icon in the tray and open it up. It's one of the radio buttons. For me, it's easier for me to just close the lid of my laptop when I'm not using it which puts it to sleep. If you change the setting to not automagically update, then just remember to hit the upload button on the website when you go to

  4. My 405 does that. However, my computer is in the basement, so even if I had to run in the house to get something I would not be close enough for it to sync.

  5. See, this is why I still have a 305. Which I never even use. Honestly, I've only reset the mileage on that thing twice, and I got it in 2011. I bet if I knew my actual speed I'd get faster, lol. But if I do use the 305, I like the simplicity and the huge elementary-school-calculator style buttons.
    In other news, you sure are a crotchety complainer lately. I guess you're just getting old.

  6. You are brave - I never go anywhere near my house on a long run - in fear that I will find a reason to go home!

  7. Somehow I doubt that disabling the auto-upload will fix this issue. I have it too, but I usually keep the stick disconnected since I have the old version that is 3 inches long. Last annoying thing that mine did was to freeze mid-transfer and stay like this until I had to hard reset it. It freaked me out, it would not turn off. Oh well, the positives outweigh the negatives IMHO.


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