Saturday, January 11, 2014

Positive Long Run & Lost A Follower

Most of the time when I post anything remotely close to a philosophical or political opinion, I usually end up losing a follower or two.  And while I'm not in the business of losing or chasing away people who actually take the time to read my ramblings ... I've gotta say, it kinda makes me laugh.  It happened again this week.  Oops.  Regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, when some folks read an OPINION they disagree with, they simply tune you out.  I'm 100% the opposite.  Man, I would much rather read or talk to someone who feels differently about the world than I do.  I simply LOVE hearing view points and guiding principles that are contrary to mine.  I find it incredibly interesting to find out why people believe what they believe.  And it fascinates me to learn more about people, and discover what developed their thought process and value system.  But anyway ex-follower ... sorry you "canceled your membership" ... but I feels how I feels!  And my dog feels exactly the same way ... even though he's getting older.

Our super awesome 7 y/o Chocolate Lab, Jack ...
but we've nicknamed him Doug, which we call him most of the time
On the running front ... I had a fairly positive step in the right direction this morning with a solid 15 miles.  They weren't anywhere near the pace they need to be with a marathon only 7 weeks away.  And honestly, at mile 10 I'm still like, "there's no way I can do 16 more of these".  But hopefully I'm moving in the right direction.

Considering Lee's Summit, Missouri was a complete sheet of ice this morning, with frozen fog that had settled on the pavement making footing and tire traction treacherous, I felt pretty decent about the pace.  It was probably the second worst footing I've ever had for a run.  I ran 18 miles once with 8" of snow on the ground, and that was impossible.  Today, I stopped four times for water for about 30 seconds, so overall my pace was close to 8:00 for that distance.  The biggest problem is still leg strength, and my weight.  I can fix both of those.  But I've been fairly happy with my core strength, it still feels fairly decent.  Anyway, hope your weekend run went well!
... be great today!


  1. I never worry about losing a follower any more (which implies that I did once then realised the error of my ways). I just assume they've died or something because there's no other conceivable reason that they'd stop reading my erudite ramblings, surely! Your ex-follower was most likely hit by a bus or eaten by a shark or was impaled by a giant icicle that fell off their roof. There could be no other explanation.

  2. If you are talking about Google followers, I find it damn hard to go to the length of unfollowing someone. Complicated and overall a pain. The dude must have been really decided to make a point. I like your attitude about it. And your dog is so handsome!! I know, totally unrelated, but what the heck. I have no agenda when I comment.

  3. Jack/Doug is adorable. Did this departing follower make a statement about their exit, or just disappear? I love hearing how others see the world! We are all so very different in our thoughts and opinions and how someone arrives at theirs is fascinating.

  4. I find I lose a follower through the email with "so and so has unsubscribed" and I'm always wondering if I should send an exit poll to find out why they left. Most times though I find these people unsubscribe after I post about Autism. yeah. So there ya go.

    Cute lab!

  5. Hahahahahaha!! What Char said!
    I'm incredibly impressed that you could hold such a decent pace in the ice. On the extremely rare occasions when I see ice, I'm all tippy-toeing through it like a big wuss.

  6. I think it's cute that you have a dog with a human name...and you nicknamed him a human name.

  7. I saw this in my feed - the picture - and thought it was a stray dog that was your follower on your run!
    I lose people sometimes and I always wonder why?? It'd be nice if they'd say- "You're boring as hell, I'm moving on."

  8. I'm pretty sure Jack would spell his nickname "D-u-g"... ha!


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