Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mile Repeats ... 5:49, 5:43, 5:48

Great Speed workout on Tuesday morning!!!  The temperature was 75 degrees in Lee's Summit, MO, but the humidity dropped to 67% ... which comparatively felt magical.  I had mile repeats scheduled, but my legs felt like two lead weights because I'd been doing supplemental Beach Body Workout videos with Michael.  The one we did on Sunday included "High Knees", and as a result my upper quads were still pretty raw.

Lately I've been doing my Speed runs on the street as opposed the track.  I think the rolling hills of the sidewalk and road simulate race conditions a little better than a flat track.  But since my upper quads were not interested at all in managing any incline during the workout, I modified my mile repeats to suit my tired legs.   I chose a fairly flat stretch with a little bit of an incline in one direction.  Not a huge incline, mind you, but about 50 ft of elevation gain over 1500M.  I then ran my mile repeats in the opposite direction - so basically with a slight decline.  I then turned around and ran uphill slowly back to the start to run another one.  The result was three miles at 5:49, 5:44, and 5:48 ... which for me, sounds REALLY impressive.  But when you consider that it was slightly downhill, with a one mile jog back to the start between each one, it loses a little luster, ha.

But even thought the workout was modified a little, it felt good to get the legs turning over at a faster speed over a one mile duration.  I have a 5K on July 4th that I'm hoping to run under 20 min.  I "think" I should be able to manage that, but I'll be NOWHERE near these speeds during the race.  But all in all today was a good workout, and somewhat of a confidence builder!  Have a great day.
... Be Great Today!


  1. great repeats today!!!!
    those times are still impressive regardless if you had tired legs,or had a small decline on the course,
    no doubt you will be under 20 for the 5k!!!!!!

  2. Can't beat those confidence-building workouts. They're the ones that keep brining us back to run.

  3. Last week we had 5 minutes of rain in the morning and it felt like heaven. I'm a wimp in the summer. Downhill or no, sub-6 mile repeats ARE impressive, and that looks good for your 5k.

  4. Thats It, I Demand A Birth Certificate!!! With these numbers, are you sure you are in your 40's??? Seriously Mr Jim, You Flippin Rock


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