Saturday, October 1, 2016

Way Below BQ Pace

I had maybe my best run of the year on Saturday!  It was my weekly long run during marathon training, and my second 20 miler of this training cycle.  In short, I just felt like I had endless energy and was in total control of the run.  It'd been a while since I felt like that, and it was great to hit on all cylinders again.

I averaged a 7:39/mile pace for the run, and was actually speeding up for the last three, which were 7:00, 6:52, and 6:46.  My legs just felt so strong, like I could run forever.  It was a great day, and hopefully I can keep the momentum and stay healthy until my race.


  1. Good to see you back in blog land! Muscle memory is an amazing thing and it sounds like you're on the right track with everything! Keep it up!!!

  2. Hello Jim - so happy to see you are still at it. I've been on an extended break (3 years), but I've over the past year, I'm climbing my way back to a 26.2 attempt in Dec. We had our first cool front this week in the South and it definitely created Cloud 9 running this week. btw - I loved your hip strengthening video - good stuff !

  3. Excellent Photo, Fantastic Times, & Welcome Back To Posting Positive Vibes.


  4. It was one of THOSE runs wasn't it?! One of the runs that makes sure you stay addicted because it felt so damned good.

  5. Wow, nice finishing paces! That should give you the confidence to hit sub-7's at the end of the marathon, too.


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