Thursday, February 10, 2011

Always after me Lucky Charms!

Actual temp 2.  Wind chill -11.  Me ... wuss at the gym on the toasty treadmill.  That was the case yesterday and this this morning as I put my final touches on my Austin Marathon prep.  Anytime I can convey the ambient condition outside with one syllable ... that's not good! 

But I did see this cat running on the way home from the gym ...
Somebody braving the cold
(Kinda creepy ... takin' a pic of another dude without his knowledge???)

And these fine fellows enduring the weather...
Cold Turkey ... Hahahahahahahah! (sarcastic dork laugh)
Lucky Charms
Do you carry a good luck charm during a marathon?  As a typical athlete, I've always been a little superstitious.  Not to the point where I thought the item had special powers or anything.  But I guess having some trinket with me (or on me), or a certain pregame routine, gave me a relaxed mindset or comfort level for the athletic event.

In high school football, I wore the same shirt under my pads every game during my Junior & Senior years.  And in college baseball, I always warmed up with the same guy, and went through the exact same pregame stretching pattern.
A few races ago, I started carrying my "Good Luck Puck".   Its a small wooden, laminated disk with a picture of the two best kids in the world on one side, and my hottie wife and studly dog on the other.  The first race I carried it with me was the Top of Utah where I BQ'd.  Since then I have carried it in all my races and I've PR'd twice and not broken a hip yet!
Do I think this thing has magical powers or something?  Heck no!  I'm way too religious for something like that.  But it does feel good to reach into my pocket during a race and see the faces of my favorite peeps, and canine smiling back at me.  It's like a little burst of love-fuel!

Another thing is ... I just feel better when I'm in my favorite light blue Nike running shirt.  I call it "VICTORY BLUE"!  (Michael thinks that's dumb)  But I'm pretty sure it makes me faster. And when I run my marathon in North Carolina, I'll blend right in with the rest of the Tarheels.

What about you ...
Do you have a good luck charm?
Do you have any pre-race rituals?
Do you have a certain "dress-for-success" getup you wear? great today!


  1. Your "cold turkey" caption almost made me spew coffee from laughing so hard! I suppose that makes me a dork, too, but I'm okay with that. :)

  2. I have a favorite sports bra. I have had some great races in it but I have had to retire it. I am not on the lookout for my next "lucky" charm.

  3. I wouldn't call you a wuss. I'd call it taking advantage of staying warm when you can! :-)

  4. i just started following your blog, and i couldn't help noticing that we live in the same darn town! and, yes, i'm with is too frigid to be running outside right now. i was belly achin' about just walking my daughter to the bus stop. i much prefer the gym for my runs when it's this cold, and i'm pretty sure we might even go to the same gym? weird. good luck in Austin!

  5. i have a lucky "HTFU" visor...but I thing your lucky puck is very cool...I'm gonna be on the hunt for something similiar...

  6. Love the good luck charm!!!

    And yes, you are creepy for taking pics of other guys... what's next?!?! Pics of the locker room?!?!? :P

  7. those "charms" are so awesome!!

    do lucky undies count as a good luck charm?!


  8. It is all about having those lucky charms around.

    I run (depending on temps) with a short sleeved shirt and zensah sleeves (always.)

    My socks are a certain pair for races.

    I go through my stretches the same way.

    It is what keeps me sane.

  9. great good luck charm! I find that just thinking about the people who are either at the race or helped you get that far in your running career is a huge motivator during races. Having a puck to look at makes it even more real!

    And I definitely have a favorite running shirt - I always wear my SF half marathon shirt from 2009 in every race =)

  10. Ok.. I'm a dork. I posted about the puck on the previous post. So I'll post here again. Your photo editing skills amaze me. =) Love you!

  11. You know I don't have any good luck charm and I am thinking that is a mistake. No wonder I am not winning!

  12. I love the charms. And Jim, you are such a wuss. This is my last trip here cuz you are just too wussy not to run when it's -11.

    I bought a new "lucky charm" on Saturday at the Expo and will post about it soon!

    My prerace ritual is to get up at least 2 hours before the race and drink coffee and then read the paper, so to speak.

    9 days and counting.


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