Monday, January 23, 2012

Two Idiots In Orlando???

Following are a few final pics of Michael and me in Orlando a couple of weekends ago.
None are related to running.
We are idiots.
Even in 3D ... beautiful girl & ugly dude!

Take a picture Woody, it'll last longer!

Seriously, you're laughing at that last picture???

Do these glasses make my head look small?

Surprisingly, this didn't phase Michael at all

Hey ... there's 3 other people in here!!!

Michael sat there for hours before she realized she couldn't turn the pages

Yeah, I said it ... Brendan Fraser sucks and I hated "The Mummy"!!!

So if my husband would "mysteriously disappear" ... you're available right???

I would absolutely crack my head open on a surf board

Michael acting like a dummy mummy

Two virgins.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

I told you to take out the trash or else!

Curious George & Boy George (Michael wrote that one ... so stupid)

Photo not actually taken in Italy

So ... my pizza's free now, right???

Hey, we opened a restaurant in Orlando!!!

Michael,  a guy in a dog suit, and a guy who's waaaaaaaay too old to still be doing this as a career

Huge globe, ugly dude, and a beautiful girl!
... be great today!


  1. Love all these pics, totally crack me up! Also, I have at least half of these same pics of myself, only from quite a few years ago and I was drunk... Oh to live in O-town again! LOL!

  2. OMG...Love, Love, Love it! so much much fun...thanks for sharing.

    My fav is you and woodie!

  3. Curious George and Boy George. That's pretty hilarious!

  4. Love it!! You are old enough to be a granpa right? From the looks of the pictures I would have thought you two were a couple of teenagers. :D

  5. I love how much fun you always have!! You are both definitely young at heart.

  6. lol your guys pictures always crack me up!

  7. Love how much fun you had. So awesome.

  8. hilarious!
    you need to put all these with the captions in a book
    easy to make on snapfish!

  9. My reaction to Shaggy was the same....what is that guy 40?

    The pics are awesome but the captions are even better.

    I would say you guys had a blast out there and I love seeing the happiness from both of you.

  10. Looks like you had so much fun.

  11. Looks like a great trip. Went there with the family a couple of weeks back, but our photos don't look nearly as happy. Looks like you guys did it right.

  12. You guys are so fun! You always make me laugh!

  13. There is a good chance you have already been tagged for the random 11 but add me to the list. :P

  14. Awesome pics! You certainly had a blast. Good stuff!

  15. Those are absolutely fun!! I need to go on vacation with you two! :)

  16. Idiots? NO! Super fun - you betcha! Great pictures!

  17. Tag my friend!
    see my post
    you are welcome!

  18. This looks like you guys were having way too much it!


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