Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Of My Best Weeks Of Training

I'm about six weeks from the first of two Fall marathons, and several other shorter races along the way ... and training couldn't be going any better!  I had probably my best week of training ever and ended a really positive note with a strong 20 mile Long Run yesterday.  Here is how the week shaped up ...

My running was really strong during three though workouts (Tempo, Track, and Long Run), but honestly the change to leg strengthening on those days might be a game changer for me.  I wrote about it earlier this week here.  I absolutely LOVE this approach! I literally feel like I've added an extra day of recovery into my schedule, all while not compromising or dropping any of the necessary workouts.  I can't believe I never did this before.  I think it's going to make a huge difference with my energy level during the week.

This week is another fairly tough week and then a recovery week.  So hopefully I'll have another good week of training to report next week.  Hope your training is going well too!
... be great today!


  1. That's a really solid week of training! I love having at least 1 of my 20 milers with a big chunk of MP miles like that. I had a similar week like this last fall but my coach went a little overboard with the 400's (20 of them?!!) and I nearly lost it. I much prefer 10-12! also, I think mowing the lawn should count for at least 10 miles!

    1. Thanks Tia, yeah I've seen some runners do 20x400. Usually if I rest between them, I'd be closer to 5:00/mile, and 20 seems like it might kill me at that pace


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