Monday, January 6, 2014

Race Day Modesty At Work?

A few years ago while training with my daughter for her first half-marathon, she made the following statement, "There's not a lot of modesty in the running community, is there?"  She was talking specifically about the thin, moisture-wicking material that seems to accompany all running gear, sometimes aiding in the exposure of typically hidden body parts.  I just laughed, but had really never thought about it before.

If you've ran for a while, you know what I'm talking about.  We wear things, and do things in "running mode" that we would never do in "real life".  For example, imagine if our places of employment were like a race ...

       ... Kevin, the VP of your division walks up wearing split up the side shorts like it's totally normal - you're not sure but when he turned sideways you think you saw a butt cheek, and when he turned toward you, you're 100% certain you got a glimpse of genitalia???

       ... Debbie, Karen, and Kelly, typically mild-mannered and conservative budget experts are parading around in thin Lycra and spandex tops ... one is possibly in a bra ... broadcasting, "IT'S SUPER-FREEZING IN HERE" -  and Megan's semi-transparent running shorts reveal polka-dot patterned knickers when the sun hits her backside???

       ... Mike from maintenance is squatting behind the copy machine taking care of business - and we all know there's not a square of toilet paper anywhere near him???

       ... you're talking to Dave from accounting at the water cooler, you say, "Here's a cold drink for you Dave", he grabs it from your hand, it splashes all over you, he takes a sip and then throws the cup on the ground, and then ust heads back to his desk???

       ... Walter from sales is 62, but insists on going shirtless all day, "Yes Wallt, your winged grizzly bear holding a lighting bolt tattoo is awesome ... we get it!"

       ... Mary from human resources just bent over, puked on the floor, and then just started reviewing resumes and time sheets like nothing happened???

       ... For some reason, Bill from security is bleeding???

Take this picture for example ... I've shared it before, but I love it.  I snapped it by mistake at the Disney Marathon a couple of years ago while standing in line to see Donald Duck or something.  I think (hope) this is a guy, but just can't be sure ... there's no way this person would ever wear this to work ... right?

It's comical to me that seemingly normal adults turn into vial, disgusting, barely dressed versions of themselves once the gun sounds.  Why do we wear the things we do, apparently having no modesty or social awareness on race day.  I don't know but I've sported nipples and relieved myself in public plenty of times.  When you're "in the moment" I guess, right?  Have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. hahahha this really made my day. so true and that picture, is a bit like a train wreck I couldn't quit staring in horror.

  2. Hahaha, such a funny pic! I could look like that if I sat on the chair my dog has been on, maybe.

    There's a minimum of decorum to be had, race or not, but I will admit to spitting (carefully, away from other runners).

  3. This is hilarious.

    On a slightly tamer level than your examples, I occasionally change at work for an afternoon ride or run, and I'm VERY self-conscious walking out of the building in things I wouldn't think twice about wearing at a race or group ride. And I've more than once horrified my nieces and nephews with stories of going to the bathroom outside. :)

  4. This picture cracked me up! My husband is running his first half marathon with me next month - he normally does triathlons. I told him that there is no way he is wearing his tri shorts on the race with me!

  5. So much truth in this! It's like an entire different persona comes out.

    Also, wow to the picture.

  6. Poor Bill. Those chafed nipples can be a real bitch.

    And as for the butt shot at the end - I hope the person in shot has a dog and those hairs aren't just poking through courtesy of a hirsute posterior.

  7. That's one of my fav blog pictures ever. I feel like it needs to be on Buzzfeed or something.

  8. Oh, and to echo Kate - I change at work before track and I'm always super embarrassed if I see anyone I know on the way out. I don't know why. I suppose I feel naked without my white coat.

  9. The visual of the water cooler scenario is still cracking me up :)


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