Training Tips & Other Stuff That Works For Me

Over the years I've received a lot of questions about training for 50 marathons in 50 States, after the age of 40.  Along the way I've discovered many different practices & techniques that help, and a few to avoid.  I've also discovered, by trial and error, a few things that will make your life simpler as a runner.  So here's a look at some of the things I eat, gadgets I use, injury experiences and prevention, & workouts I've found most helpful.  Maybe something I've experienced will help in some way.  But please keep in mind that these are only concepts that work for me!!!  It is always recommended that you consult a physician or professional trainer about a specific training & nutrition plan when beginning a new physical activity, especially training for a marathon.  Best wishes on your training, and... great today!
  Planning & Running Your Best Race

Maximizing Your Marathon
Here's how I got faster than ever at 44 years old

Take time off of your next race without training harder

Pre-Race Planning 
Get organized and avoid pre-race panic attacks

Racing Weight 
Does weight affect your performance?

Training Pace 
Principles from champion running coach Renato Canova explain why it's necessary to train 
                                               at a specific faster pace for marathon success
                                              Negative Splits 
                                              How starting much slower in your next marathon can lead to a fast finish

  Tools & Equipment

Training, recovery, and accessory tools that really help me with workouts and racing. 

Pre & Post Run Foam Roll 
Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Grid Foam Roller

Snow Running 
YakTrax give you the absolute best traction on slippery conditions

Split Calculator
Calculate your exact splits per mile before your next race with this handy time calculator

  Revving Up The Heart

VO2 Max 
What it means to running performance and overall fitness level

Heat Training 
Elevating your Heart Rate in the heat of summer

Best Tempo Run Ever
Following is a post from 2012 with the details of my best tempo workout ever

Running Without Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitors are a great tool, but be careful not to get too attached


Daily Nutrition Ideas 
Here area a few examples of daily food plans with calorie counts & nutritional values 

Nutritional Values 
Here is a spreadsheet of some of the foods that I typically build my diet around

Top 10 "Runner Foods" I Eat 
Here is a list of the top foods I try to eat as much as possible that help make me a better runner

Pre-Race Nutrition 
Here's what I typically eat the week before a marathon


  Speed/Tempo Hybrid Workout 
  A close look at a specialized workout that has build both speed and endurance

  Strength Training 
  A detailed look at my training week and the strength training exercises I use to stay healthy

  Becoming a stronger runner by strengthening the stabilizing muscles

  Focus On Form 
  Going back to the basics, and checking yourself for good running form is always a great idea from 
  time to time

  Back-to-back Long Runs
                                                Consecutive long runs on the weekend can make you stronger by running on tired legs
Hip Strengthening  Video

Trail Running Questions Answered
I posted 10 questions for trail runners and got these great replies

Training Like An Elite
Sure most of us don't have elite athlete speed, but we can learn a few things from their training

Hip Strengthening For Runners   (VIDEO)
Click the video link on the left to watch my first training video.  It demonstrates hip strengthening                                                          video for runners that I use to keep my hips & core strong & healthy
CORE 5 Workout Video

    CORE 5 Workout For Runners   (VIDEO)
    Click the video link on left to watch my core training video, I call my CORE 5 Workout For Runners.  
    Having a strong core is essential for runners, and this is plan that works for me.

  Injury & Prevention

Morton's Neuroma 
This plagued me for years and almost ended my running before it even began.  Here is a look at the symptoms and what I did to get rid of it.

IT Band Pain 
Illiotibial Band Syndrome was something I struggled with for several races.  Here is a look at the causes, symptoms, and prevention.  One simple thing made this all better!

One of my most painful injuries was Quadricep Tendonitis. Here is a look at the symptoms and what I did to finally get over it.

                                              Changing My Stride 
                                              Reducing the potential for injury by changing the way I ran

                                              Pain In The Butt 
                                              Treating and eliminating High Hamstring Tendinopathy