Life Fotos

My daughter Madison and her family ... Nate, Savannah, and Brooks

Jack at 10 years old ... still playing with his ball like a puppy

Rawlee & Ryder enjoying Fall 2016 in the back yard

Brooks, Savannah, & Papa J on Halloween 2016

Our family together (minus Rawlee) at the Kansas City Royals summer of 2015

My daughter & granddaughter, Madison and Savannah

Our family in August of 2015 ... the babies checking each other out and Ryder snacking

Doug for President ... taken on July 4, 2015

My wonderful and growing family Christmas 2014.  Left to right ... Sarah, Gage, Baby Rawlee, Madison,
Nate, Baby Savannah, Me, Ryder, Michael

Michael and me before Game 7 of the 2014 World Series 

Kauffman Stadium before Game 1 of the 2014 World Series

Three grand babies and counting ... Savannah, Ryder, & Rawlee

Meeting Rawlee for the first time

Best "selfie" ever of Gage & me celebrating at Game 3 of the 2014 ALDS after an Eric Hosmer home run

National Anthem at Kauffman Stadium at Game 3 of the 2014 ALDS just before the Royals swept the Angels

Jack on the prowl at Lake Jacomo Fall 2014

Gage, Ryder, and me at Ryder's first Royals game July 2014

Me, Savannah, and Ryder at lunch

Me & Jack on a walk

Savannah & Papa J

My family on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza during Christmas 2013 ... on of my all-time fav's

Me & Michael on date night at the Chicago Theater before the Chicago Marathon

Michael & me with our medals after the Chicago Marthon

Me & Michael outside of the Chicago Theater before the 2013 Chicago Marathon

Lunch at Olive Garden with Papa J & Ryder Summer of 2013 ... 3 years old

There's no dispute ... this is the world's greatest dog ... Jack Weatherly (a.k.a. Doug) ... "Yes YOU!  'Atsa goodboy!"

Last run of the year, first snow run of the year ... December 31, 2012

Papa J & Ryder at Christmas 2012

Madison & Nate at Christmas 2012

Me, Ryder, & Gage at Christmas 2012

Michael & me being interviewed live on the morning news by Karli Ritter - Meteorologist from WDAF TV - Fox4 Kansas City, MO
after the 2012 Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5K

Ryder & Papa J, Thanksgiving Day 2012

Madi, Nate, & me after the 2011 Des Moines Marathon ... pretty tired after running the Kansas City Marathon the day before

Clicking my heels after the 2011 Kansas City Marathon ... I ran the Des Moines Marathon the next day

Me & a bunch of runners I don't know at the 2011 Kansas City Marathon ... ha, looks like I'm leading the pack

Michael & me after her first marathon - the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon in Orlando, FL

Jack & me shoveling snow

Madi & me at the 2011 Kansas City Groundhog Run 10K - her first race!

June 17, 2010 ... Ryder Jackson born!!!

Might as well JUMP ... Madi & me at the 2011 Oklahoma City Half Marathon ... Madi's first half!!!

Michael & me at the 2011 Cerner Kansas City 15K

Michael at the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon ... her first marathon!!!

Gage & me at the 2011 Halloween Hustle 5K - his first race!!!

 Nate, Madi & me before the 2011 Kansas City Royals 5K - Nate's first race!

Michael & me at the 2011 Kansas City St. Patty's Day Westport Run

5 Generations at Christmas 2010

Michael & me at Fenway Park in Boston in 2011 before the Boston Marathon

Jack trackin' down a frisby ... coolest dog EVER!!!

Ken, Cindy, Steve, & Michael & me as Bert & Ernie at the Halloween Graveyard run

Me at the finish line of the 115th Boston Marathon ... I would cross it for real two days later with a 3:20 PR

Madison, Gage, & a tiny little cop on Halloween 2010

Michael after her first Triathlon ... the 2010 WIN Kansas City Women's Marathon

Jack in the pool

Michael assaulting me in Turks & Caicos 2010

Ryder & me at Christmas 2010
Miss Zippy (Amanda), Michael, and me at the 2013 Richmond Marathon

Jon from "2Slow4Boston" & me at the 2011 Austin Marathon

EMZ & me at the 2011 Boston Marathon

Dick Beardsley, me, and Frank Shorter at the 2013 Bass Pro 5K Awards Ceremony

Michael, Scott Jurek, and me at the 2013 Chicago Marathon

Bart Yasso from Runner's World magazine & me at the 2011 LiveStrong Austin Marathon

Dick Beardsley & me at the 2011 LiveStrong Austin Marathon

Me, Michael, and Billy Mills - 1964 10K American Olympic Gold Medalist

Bobby from North Carolina & me before the 2012 Little Rock Marathon & Half Marathon

My friend Bobby and me after finishing the 2012 Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

Michael, me & Coy at the 2012 Indianapolis Santa Hustle Half Marathon

Coy from First In Philly, Michael, Jeff from Detroit Runner, and me at the 2012 Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati

Me, Michael, & Coy from First In Philly at the 2012 Marshall University Marathon

Jon from 2Slow4Boston, Michael, and me at the 2012 Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, KS

Me, Michael, and Karli Ritter from Fox4 - Kansas City

Rachelle from Running For Trevor, Michael, & me in Arizona after the 2013 Lost Dutchman Marathon

Me with Don Harmon - Meteorologist from WDAF TV - Fox4 Kansas City
before the 2011 Groundhog Run ... Rest In Peace Don

Maybe the coolest thing ever ... a gift from my wife Christmas 2012 ... my own friggin' BOBBLE HEAD!!!