Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jogger Frogger

            Course:  Kohls, LSN, Summit Fair
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:17:53
         Mile/Split:  7:47/mile
         Workout:   Recovery
               Temp:  39 Degrees, Wind 10SE
          Calories:  1195
  Total Ascent:  823 ft
            Avg HR:  157 bpm
Miles this week:  48

Remember that video game Frogger when we were kids?  Well, I played a real life version of it today during my run.  Ya know, in the game the little froggy guy has to hop across traffic without getting splattered on the pavement.  That was me today.  For some reason I plotted half of my run through the busiest shopping center in town ... 2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Cars were freaking everywhere!  I was ducking and dodging in and out of traffic - all unscathed thankfully.  But all in all it was a pretty good run.  Legs were a little tight from yesterday's workout - but it was good to get the run in.  I ran in the afternoon, which I hardly ever do - but it was okay.  I just watched what I ate early in the day so I didn't battle a stomach full of food the whole time.

Tomorrow is a "rest day".  I plan on only running two or three miles with a light workout at the gym, possibly with a light swim.  I'm really looking forward to a light workout.  My knee is almost completely healed, but my ankle really needs the day off.  It hurts!

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