Saturday, January 15, 2011

Workout ... Tempo Run & My Daughter

            Course:  Jacomo & Legacy Loop
                Miles:  20 Total ... 14 Tempo + 6 w/Madi            
                Time:  1:47:49 (14 miles)
       Avg Pace:  7:42/mile (14 miles)
         Workout:   Tempo/Madi Run
               Temp:  23 Degrees, Wind 10NW
          Calories:  2260 (Total)
  Total Ascent:  1776 ft (Total)
            Avg HR:  162 bpm
Miles this week:  59
Madi & me in full stride ... whew!
Nothing spectacular - but two pretty good runs.  I ran 6 miles with my daughter, Madi, as a "warm up".  And then ran a 14 mile Tempo Run, for 20 miles total.  As always, running with my daughter is the highlight of my week!  Her first 10K race is in a couple of weeks and she's already prepared and will do a great job!

I did a similar workout last weekend, but I ran a 20 mile long run first, and then 5 miles with Madison.  Last weekend's workout was definitely much easier, even though it was 5 miles longer.  Today was the second time that I had ran 5 or 6 miles with her first, and then did my own separate workout.  And even though her pace is a little slower than mine at this point in her training (which is her business to tell you how fast she runs), it really seems to drain me when I do my run after hers, as opposed to before. I think next weekend, we'll change it back to the other way.
Madison crushing her 6 miler in the snow!!!
My Tempo Run was decent, but not great.  After a 3 mile warm up, my 10 mile tempo splits were ... 7:36, 7:35, 7:40, 7:38, 7:35, 7:26, 7:28, 7:40, 7:34, 7:28 ... for a 7:34/10 mile tempo. I ended with a 1 mile cool down. Solid, but not earth-shattering, I tried to mix in some pretty solid hills though.

All of the sidewalks and trails still had 6" of snow on them, so we had to run IN THE STREET most of the way!  I'm sure we broke every runner's safety rule known to man today - but we walked in the door safe and sound after the run.  And only about three people swerved off the road to miss us.  Hope they're okay.

Took and ice bath after, stretched and relaxed.  Probably steak tonight and then back to the nutrition plan this week.


  1. I just found your blog... glad I did! Looking forward to following your journey!Sounds like a great run and I love that your daughter runs too!

  2. That is just so cool to run with your daughter. Great pics. Mine is 16 and would rather go to the dentist than run with me. Well, maybe not, but it would be close.

  3. Just wondering when you are going to turn off word verification :-)

  4. Great job on the run with your daughter! I hope she has a great race!

  5. Chris, sorry - I think I got it turned off. Been meaning to do that. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the post Daddy. And let me just say, I look GORGEOUS in those pictures. JK lol. Love you. Thanks for running with me!

  7. Great job guys! You are tougher than me. I wouldn't run outside in this weather :)

  8. I'm sure your daughter must think you're an awesome Dad - L-e-g-a-c-y in the making.

  9. Jim - that's great running with your daughter. I can't get mine to go out there. Your workouts alway amaze me!

  10. Nothing beats a father/daughter run! I love running with my dad! He is one of the biggest reasons why I run.


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