Friday, February 11, 2011

Workout ... Good Recovery

            Course:  Legacy Treadmill & Track
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:18:05
        Avg Pace:  7:46/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  -1 Degrees, Wind 11NW
          Calories:  1182
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  157 bpm (85% max)
Miles this week:  35

Nice recovery run, even though it was at the gym.  -11 wind chill outside.  Felt smooth and controlled without pushing.  Ran first 5 on the treadmill with simulated Austin elevation, and the second 5 on the track.  Good pacing.  Legs felt a little tired from tempo run yesterday, but overall, didn't felt pretty good.


  1. good grief! since you posted this at 6:34am, does that mean you did this run BEFORE 6:34am?? if that's the case, kudos to you. and, if that's when you go i will NEVER see you at the gym (yup, that's the one)! ha ha! : ) great run. i've never run more than 7 on the treadmill, and i've never tried the track. do you like running on the track there?

  2. Lisa - this was actually from yesterday (thursday), but yeah, I'm usually there pretty early. The track hurts my knees sometimes, because of the tight turning radius. Plus I feel like a fish in a bowl swimming round and round.


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