Saturday, March 5, 2011

"I Just Felt Like Runnng" Virtual 5K Report

Today was the big day!  The First Annual "I Just Felt Like Running" Virtual 5K sponsored by Jeff at Detroit Runner.  My daughter Madison and I had a 10 mile run scheduled for today, so I included the 3.1 for Jeff's race while running for her workout.  Here is me before the race, super stoked about being one of the competitors in the inaugural race ...

Here is my Garmin reading ...

It's a little hard to read, but it says 35:53 ... 11:32/mile.  Our race conditions in KC were 25 degrees, with 20mph winds.  Appropriate for a Virtual Race sponsored by a guy from Detroit ... brrrrrr!  Thanks Jeff for doing a great job organizing the race. I'm sure there will several great race reports.

Speaking of race reports, Jason at Life Of An Aspiring Triathlete honored me by reposting my report from the Austin Marathon a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven't it read yet, please visit Jason's site and give it a whirl!  In fact, check out all of the great things on Jason's site.  It's one of my wife's and mine, staple blogs. Filled with great inspirational messages and wonderful recipes.  Thanks again Jason!

Hope everyone had a great time with the Virtual 5K!  Have a great weekend!
... be great today!


  1. Wowzers...that was some weather..! My guess is (looking at the PRs) that you have a faster 5k in you ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tomorrow sounds horrendous here and I need to go 10. Hope they're wrong. I was just thinking today there should be some virtual races popping up around the blogs.

  3. Good job! I love the idea of "I just felt like running!"

  4. Hey Jim - great report. I love your enthusiasm especially with running conditions like that! Haha. It sounds like KC folks know just what the weather is like in Detroit.

  5. Sounds like the weather came down from the north for you! Congrats on the 5k.

  6. That's just too cold and too windy! Great that you're running together!

  7. Congratulations on another successful race.

    It's hard for me to imagine those cold temperatures as I struggled to run in the heat here today. Heh.

  8. Congrats! Sounds like you still did well with the crazy weather!

  9. oh my God, 25 degrees with a 20 mph wind, you are a warrior for getting out there in those conditions! You don't want to know how warm it was in CA today, it was like 70 and perfect, haha


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