Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Workout Journal ... March, In Like A Lion!

            Course:  Campbell Jr. High Track
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:10:50
        Avg Pace:  7:05/mile
            Avg HR:  163
         Workout:   Yasso 800's
               Temp:  23 Degrees, Humidity 79%, Wind 15ENE
Miles this week:  31

Workout Summary:
Yasso 800's ... 8 x 800 @ 3:08 avg(6:16 pace) w/aprx 2:00 rest between each one, but "rest" at an 8:00/mile, plus 2 mile warmup & 2 mile cool down.  Ran at Campbell Jr. High newly resurfaced track - very cusiony!

      Mile 1  ...  8:52
      Mile 2  ...  7:43
      800 #1 ... 3:11 (6:22 pace), 2min rest @ 8:00/pace
      800 #2 ... 3:10 (6:20 pace), 2min rest @ 8:00/pace
      800 #3 ... 3:09 (6:18 pace), 2min rest @ 8:00/pace
      800 #4 ... 3:11 (6:22 pace), 2min rest @ 8:00/pace
      800 #5 ... 3:08 (6:16 pace), 2min rest @ 8:00/pace
      800 #6 ... 3:05 (6:10 pace), 2:30min rest @ 8:30/pace
      800 #7 ... 3:06 (6:12 pace), 2:30min rest @ 8:15/pace
      800 #8 ... 3:02 (6:04 pace), 2:20min rest @ 8:05/pace
      Mile 9  ...  7:14
      Mile 10 ... 7:00

GREAT DAY OF RUNNING!!!  I passed 500 miles for the year and had maybe my best speed workout ever, as far as speed, strength, and quality. 

It was freezing cold with a 15mph headwind on the back stretch so I feel really good about it considering the conditions!  I felt strong, healthy, and fast throughout and it never seemed like I was killing myself.  On the first five 800's I looked down and I was running a 5:50/pace and had to slow down a little.  It obviously got a little tougher as I progressed, but I  managed to push my times a little faster.  Hopefully in a few weeks when it warms up I can do this workout sub 6:00 which would be awesome for me.

As I've written before, I'm not a huge fan of Yasso 800's because of the constant starting and stopping, so I try to keep moving during my 2:00 rest period between each one.  Today, while "resting", I kept moving at an 8:00/mile pace - which seemed to slow my heart rate down a little and give me some time to recover.  Also, I'm not a big fan of track workouts mainly because I don't race on tracks.  There is no elevation, and the surface is a little softer.  But it was a nice change of pace this morning and made for a good workout.

I only had to stop and walk 3 times between each one, and the third time was to leave a little deposit  under the bleachers.  Couldn't help it!  Michael is trying to turn me into a herbivore and my bowels are violently resisting.  Sorry ... sue me.  But other than that, I couldn't be happier about the workout!  Now my only chore is not falling asleep on the way to Omaha today! But out of town on business means ... I GET TO EAT MEAT!!!

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  1. EXCELLENT 800s!! Way to knock that out!

  2. Great workout! I have not done Yassos but I do do several fartlek workouts. In fact, I have one on my schedule today.

    Have a great time in Omaha and enjoy the meat!

  3. Nice splits :) Those solid workouts are what help us push farther in our races. Nice job.

  4. Love the YASSO's! Good on you. Enjoy the COLD track workouts.

  5. That is really impressive, well done! 507 miles for 2011 already...excellent!

  6. WOW, solid 800 splits! NICE!

  7. Wow, you're like a machine. Congrats on already hitting the 500 mile mark.

  8. Wow, you seem like you are on fire with your workouts recently! and hilarious on the "deposit" behind the bleachers, haha

  9. Listen to your wife. Yes you might have more bowel movements but that means the FAT is not sticking to your insides right....

    And btw how come you have not signed up for the Cupcake Marathon?

    Get in on it would ya:

  10. Um, 500 miles for the year? You do know it is only the beginning of March, right?


  11. It's the beginning of March and you passed 500 miles! Impressive!

  12. You know you don't have to share every intimate detail on your blog sweetie :)

  13. Nice job on the 800s, and your 500 already! Love it.


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