Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boston In Pictures

Here are a few more photos from our trip to Boston ... I know looking at other folk's vacation pics isn't high on a lot of lists, so you can move along is you necessary ... no obligation here!  Have a great day!

Beautiful girl on the subway!!!

Athlete's Village at Hopkinton

There was a "Jumbo-Tron" video board to pass the time

Many runners huddled under the giant canopy

Fastest Marathon ever ... Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02

Old State House - site of Boston Massacre

Lots o' water
Fenway Park area

Lansdowne Street

Friday night nutrition at the game

Michael "trying" to stay warm with hot chocolate

Have I ever mentioned that sometimes I lose circulation in my right hand?

The race is tomorrow dummy!
Some of the history of the Boston Marathon

Beauty and The Beast at Fenway again!

Jane ... stop this crazy thing ... Jaaaaaane!

Michael after sipping her magic shrinking potion - no I'm kidding, that's just a really big gate

Boston North End Italian District ... probably our favorite

Really Michael, another Cannoli???  Okay, get me one too!

A big boat
Ummm, I just ran 26.2 miles, anybody wanna let me in the front of the line?


  1. HAHAHA! Those were great pics! I'm a BIG history buff! I've read autobiographies on nearly every president! So, with that said, did you know that our second president John Adams was a lawyer at the time of the Boston Massacre and represented the British soldiers in that massacre?

    I'm sure you knew that but it's one of my favorite fun facts about him and the pic above just reminded me of it!

  2. LOVE your pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Wish I had gone to Mike's. A good cannoli would have been perfect. Great pictures!

  4. Great pictures. I'm going to have to start fundraising so I can run this. Haha!

  5. Hey just blog hopping... good luck with your 50 after 40, cool goal! Loe your pics btw, looks like fun!

  6. You two are cute! I love looking at vacation pictures. I feel like I'm living vicariously through y'all! : )

  7. Awesome pictures!!! Congrats!!!!!

  8. I love the pictures! makes me want to go!!
    I love the East Coast! I am from Quebec (did you know that) anyway the west coast is not for me, too fast, too much of everything. I like all the captions for the pictures!!!
    you need to make a photobook for your marathon with snapfish or shutterfly!

  9. Great pics!!! I't not like thats just "any" vacation!

  10. Fun pictures. Boston is such a great city to spend time in and looks like you soaked it all up. I have to go find your race report--somehow I missed it!

  11. Great. Now I want a cannoli. Thank a lot.

  12. You can not tell how cold it was in those first few pictures! Great vacation!

  13. I love lots of pics. LOL at the first picture/comment.
    African Cats was good but don't take really little kids. Great photography.

  14. Great pictures! I hope you can go back next year if you want to. You guys did it right on all fronts (I love cannoli).

    Yes, I am from Columbia (I'm writing from there now)--HS was Hickman High. My parents are both Tigers and I have a grad degree from MU (went to Rice U. undergrad). I love MO. I just went for a fabulous 15-mile run with hills and green stuff everywhere (not nearly as much green stuff in CO). Did you go to college here?

  15. The organization needed for that race is monumental. Seeing the photos of the giant tent, the giant screen and the giant table filled with water cups puts it all in perspective. Boston is huge!

  16. it looks like you guys had so much fun! You guys are such a cute couple!

  17. I love your pics! It literally is like looking at pics of my own Boston vacation from 2002 all over again, haha Glad you enjoyed Fenway Park, that place is awesome! And the north end for italian food is great! When I was walking around there, I literally heard an italian guy standing next to a Cadillac say "fget about it!" it was like straight out of a movie! haha

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  19. Loved this! We also hit the north end so Spike could carb-load Sunday night and the line to Mike's was down and around the corner. We didn't get a canoli but next year we'll have to! Congrats again on a great race and it was nice, briefly, meeting you! :)

  20. I could have swore to begin with that the first pic of you wife was Kara Goucher. (Should be taken as a compliment)


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