Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PERFECT Morning!!!

Michael in the morning sun
What a great day!!!  Days like this morning make all those horrible -10 degree wind chill & 113 degree heat index days worth it ... well sorta!  Try 62 degrees, 3mph breeze, with only 65% humidity on for size ... beautiful Lee's Summit, MO baby!!!

Plus, I got to run a short speed workout with my lovely wife ... super Triathloner Michael of Slowly Tri-ing.  At about 5am we headed over to the Campbell Jr High School track which was resurfaced this past winter and is amazingly soft.  GREAT ... GREAT ... GREAT morning!!!

We both have the Hospital Hill 10K race this weekend so we were doing abbreviated speed workouts.  I'll do 10 or 11 miles tomorrow at marathon pace, but this morning it was 7 miles total with 4 Yasso 800's.  Nothing too major - just a shorter run to build a little speed the week before a race.  Following are my splits for this morning's workout ...

2 mile warm up ... 8:30/mile & 7:30/mile
Yasso 800 #1 ... 2:54 (5:48/mile)
Yasso 800 #2 ... 2:56 (5:52/mile)
Yasso 800 #3 ... 2:55 (5:50/mile)
Yasso 800 #4 ... 2:57 (5:54/mile)
2 mile cool down ... 6:50/mile & 7:15/mile

Wrapping up a great workout
I ran approx 400 meters with 2:30 rest between each one.  Best of all, my average heart rate was only 158 overall and most of the time during the 800's I was running a 5:30/mile pace and felt smooth and fluid like I could have finished around 2:45 without too much trouble.  I literally slowed down the last 100-150 meters to keep my time close to 2:59 for the 800.  Great workout!!!

That's the good news!  The bad news is my race weight for this week.  I'm trying to drop a couple of pounds before Saturday's race (mostly for psychological reasons).  But last night I had dinner with my son Gage, and the grandson Ryder, and we all had pizza.  I ate great all day and even had a salad for "MY FIRST" dinner.  But when he called and said they were coming over, we ordered pizza and I had dinner #2.  I have NO WILL POWER over pizza.  I'm a sucker for anything in a flat box with an Italian name printed on it! 

But, the boys and I had a good evening together, so that's the most important thing.  I just need to focus on the diet and try to lose a couple of pounds in the next few days.  We'll see how it goes.  Did I mention that today was a GREAT DAY!!!
... be great today!


  1. I am a sucker for pizza as well. I will eat it no matter how full I am!

  2. About the pizza thing... ME TOO!! But you are is about family. Your son and grandson won't remember your finishing time at this race, they WILL remember fun pizza dinners with you!

  3. I have no will power either when it comes to pizza! As much as I try to limit myself, it never happens.

  4. You should be a motivational speaker for running! I think I feel "great" now just reading how great you feel! Although, I would feel better if I could put away some 7 minute miles. :)

  5. I did a track workout recently, holy pain cave is all I can say

  6. I also have no willpower when it comes to pizza! So good...

  7. I will be getting back to those early runs soon...good job!

  8. Great morning for sure! Bring on the pizza! I don't know many (any) runners that don't love pizza.

  9. Such an awesome workout and such a great way to start the day! Also awesome that you got to spend some time with your wife.

    I am a sucker for pizza too!

  10. Sounds like a great workout - you are killing it recently! The track looks great! I wouldn't worry about the race weight, you seem like you are running great!

    And I'm with Coy - you should be a motivational speaker! haha

  11. It sounds like you had a great workout. I haven't been on a track since high school. They just go in a circle so they have no pull for me.

    awesome. Yassos!!!


    I love pizza but without cheese!

  13. Pizza - my favorite! Glad to hear you are also getting some good weather. We deserve it after the winter we ran through!

  14. I had pizza last weekend with my kids. I can truthfully bypass the pizza but this was very good pizza and the whole family was there. Good times.

  15. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that can't pass up pizza! You're doing such a great job with your training and I agree, you should be a motivational speaker. I'd come see you!

  16. I too cannot say no to pizza ever!!

  17. I just love days like that - when the weather's great and the running is really great. Makes you glad to be alive!


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