Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow ... Riveting!!!

Okay, here's part 2 of the "Ask 50after40 Anything" segment for y'all.  Although still a yawner, some of today's answers are a little more running applicable ... enjoy!

Johann of Run Tall, Walk Tall asks...
Q: Have you run an ultra yet? If not, do you plan to?
A: Not  yet, I had originally planned to run one next year but I'm not sure how the schedule is gonna work.  Yes, I definitely plan to - but probably nothing INSANE like the ones you run ... I'm not anywhere close to being in your league Johann!!!
Okay, maybe I am a little insane too!

Terzah  of BQby40 (who despite being a Cardinals fan is one of my fav's) asks...
Q: What is going to be your Colorado marathon? :^)
A: Probably Denver ... I'm not "super-pumped" about going too high in the mountains to run.  I'll probably try to keep it around 5,000ft ... I have a ton of respect for you high elevation dwellers!

Shawn of Chasing Immortality, 1 Mile at a Time asks...
Q: How many pairs of shoes have you gone through since you decided to run every state?
A: About 15 or 16 ... I usually get about 400-500 miles out of a pair, and typically have about 2-3 pairs in rotation. 
Probably need to throw away a few boxes

Q: Have any of those got to the point where you can't even donate them?
A: A couple have been pretty dirty at the end, but mostly they're in good shape with only some tread missing.

Q: When you're done in the states, are you going to run all our provinces?
A: That's not a bad idea!  I'll definitely have to think about taking it global.  Canada would be an awesome start ... I've never been there, but everyone says it's beautiful and they folks are great!

Everyone's favorite Big Daddy Diesel asks... 
Q: If barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
A: Because they're prostitutes?
Michael & a giraffe at the Omaha Zoo

Q: Do penguins have knees?
A: Yes, we all have needs ... both physical and emotional.  Oh "KNEES" ... I don't think so, but that would mean giraffes don't have shoulders.

Q: How does aspirin find the headache?
A: I think aspirin always starts its journey at the head because 9 times out of 10, that's what you're taking it for.  But I think it probably goes into the mission knowing that there could possibly be something else wrong.  I gotta give aspirin credit, I really think it tries hard not take your body for granted.

Q: If Teflon is stick free, how do they get it to stick to the pan?
A: I think they install it backwards, but I might be way off.

Q: When someone yells "heads up!!" why does everyone duck?
A: Exactly ... just like when a quarter lands "heads up" everyone start quacking!  C'mon people, that's uncalled for!

Tahoegirl of Got Miles? asks...
Q: When are you running a MI marathon?
A: Probably 2014, most likely Detroit ... unless you've got a better suggestion?

Q: What time do you go to bed?
A: About 9:00pm ... Central time of course.

Q: How did you and Michael meet?
A: Church.

Q: What kind of car do you drive?
A: We have a Lexus, which is Michael's and I never drive. I don't like it and think it's a little pretentious ... but we obviously disagree on that!  We also have my company issued car which is a Dodge Avenger.  I need a truck!!!
Our two cars

Kovas of Midwest Multisport Life asks...
Q: So what's next after you complete the 50?
A: I'll keep running and staying as active as my body will allow ... I've always thought running across the U.S. would be pretty cool! And I'm kicking around the idea of going into coal mining or joining the circus.

Rachelle of Running For Trevor asks...
Q: I want to know your lower body workout? You said you think this helped you in your last marathon and I am nosy and want to know exactly what you did.
A: I'm planning on doing a full post with pictures and descriptions on this later ... but here are the Cliff Notes!
Core Work: Typically 5 days a week before my morning run...
100 Crunches
6 minutes of planks - usually 2 min on each side, and 2 min center
2 x 30 push ups

Lower Body Work: Typically 2 days a week in P.M....
2 x 15 single leg squats
2 x 20 weighted front hip swings
2 x 20 weighted groin crossover
2 x 20 weighted ham string swings
2 x 15 single leg ham string push ups
2 x 15 leg extension machine for lower quads (very light, only about 90lbs)
2 x 20 abductor machine for outer hips & butt (about 130lbs)
2 x 20 groin machine (about 80lbs)
3 x 20 each leg - single leg calf raises (holding 25lb weight)

Q: Bonus question. Do you like Michael's dog?
A: Heck yeah ... Jack's da man!  We both love him the same, I just don't write about him as much as Michael.  He's like her kid!

The Unexpected Runner asks...
Q: Are you going to try a tri with Michael?
A: Probably not ... it's not really my thing.  I don't even own a bike and I'm  not a great swimmer.  Running is about all I can handle!
Yes, this is a little ridiculous
Q: How many pairs of shoes do you own? Are they all the same?
A: If you're talking running shoes and not pumps, I only have about 3 pair in rotation right now. But there are probably about 6 pair lying around that I need to do something with.  They'll most likely get given to my son or donated.  Yes, they're all the same - I only wear Brooks.  I used by buy red/silverTrance 9, but now I buy blue/silver Ghost 4.

Q: What do you do with all your spare time?
A: Right now mostly just hang out with Michael, my son, & grandson.  But also manage my fantasy baseball team, read blogs, watch real baseball, write blogs, go to actual baseball games, and blog some more.  Plus I just kick it with my dog Jack a lot!

ajh of Age Groups Rock asks...
Q: Have you done your Vermont marathon yet?
A: Not yet, I'll probably use your suggestion on the one I need to run out there.

Q: Is there a sport you are not good at?
A: Ha, well I'm fairly athletic - it's just one of those things I've always been good at ... but I'm not a great golfer.  I don't really enjoy it that much, plus I'm not sure that it's really a sport.  Definitely requires a skill set though. I can keep it around 90, but that's about it.

Jon of 2 Slow 4 Boston asks...
Q: How much time do you spend each day ,on average, blogging (reading and writing)?
A: Lately only about 30min, but usually about an hour or  more.  I've just been really busy lately and have been a BAD FOLLOWER!

Q: How much faster do you think you can get in the marathon?
A: I'm pretty sure I can get down to the new Boston qualifying time of 3:15 without too much trouble.  But my ultimate "speed goal" is 3:00.  That seems a little out of reach - but I WILL NOT stop working at it.

misszippy asks...
Q: Here's one: I know you are a step-father; do you want more kids?
A: Actually Michael is the step-parent in our relationship.  I have a 21 y/o son & 20 y/o daughter from my first marriage and my son has a 1 year old son.  No more kids ... I think my baby-raising years are over, but we're helping out a lot with the grand baby.
Our Grandson & pretty much all around stud ... Ryder

Jeff of Detroit Runner asks...
Q: Have you ever considered doing an ultra marathon? I think you'd be good at it.
A: Thanks Jeff, I was gonna try to do one next year and still might.  It just depends on how my schedule falls. I would most likely start with a 30miler and then work up to a 50.

Dash of Dash's Bites asks...
Q: When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?
A: I try to greet on coming runners.  Sometimes I'm really focused on a pace or breathing uncontrollably and might not wave from time to time, but it's not intentional.

Q: If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn't acknowledge you?
A: Yeah, honestly a little.  I notice it more with women.  It seems like maybe a safety thing in that they don't want to make eye contact with strangers or something.  But when it's pretty obvious that you're running, I don't really get the point of not being friendly ... but maybe they're just focused or "in the zone".

Well, that about wraps it up! Thanks for all the great questions ... sorry it wasn't a little more captivating! great today!


  1. Are those boxes of shoes really yours? I sometimes keep my favorite pairs in their old boxes and put my PR in Sharpie on the inside. HA!

  2. So BDD is "everyone's favorite". Huh, I thought Kovas was.

  3. Love all the shoes!
    I am a strange person who doesn't golf but likes to watch it. Arnold Palmer is one of my all time heroes. We had eye contact once when I followed him for 18 holes. They didn't call it stalking then.

  4. Other good low-ish marathons to consider: Colorado Marathon (May in Ft. Collins; the course resembles Top of Utah and the Boulder Marathon (fun course all on dirt roads; Dan and I are volunteering at it this Labor Day at an aid station). These two are less expensive and more scenic than Denver. But we can be your pit crew whichever you choose! :^)

  5. If coal mining doesn't work out for you, consider doing a Triathlon. We're always looking for a few good runners to come over to the dark side.

  6. now that I exposed BDD's good looks on my blog he is even more popular...!

    running the Canadians Provinces is a genius idea...! Yes Yes I am bias...but hey it is true, it is beautiful there so hurry with those 50!!!!

  7. I love these posts! All those shoes...

  8. Someday when I am rich I too will own several pairs of running shoes.

    Great answers to teflon pans, penguins and aspirin!

  9. I love these answers... it's so fun to learn more about people based on what your followers want to know. :)

  10. I think I may have more pairs of running shoes than you do... and I think we both need help :-)

  11. Great answers!

    I liked hearing about your strength training routine, after hearing that, it's no surprise that you are almost never injured! I'd definitely like to read a more in depth post about it.

    If I ran that routine by my physical therapist, I bet she would say that it was perfect. I think I was neglecting doing strength training or cross training as much as I should have been. (I would do it during the off season more, but not as much during marathon training season).

    You are extremely dedicated - not sure how many days you run if you take any rest days or not, but if you run 6 days a week, and do that strength training routine twice a week, that is intense. I think I'm going to follow the Run Less Run Faster plan where you only run 4-5 times a week, and then do strength training twice a week to keep my body in overall good shape. I couldn't handle what you do with both running and strength training on the same day - I can only do 1 activity a day! You will probably see a post soon about this subject, seeing your routine really helped finalize my new approach it seems like when I get back to running.

  12. You

    You'd. Freaking. Rock. It.
    They are a blast!


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