Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running From LA to Chicago ... And Still Standing!!!

This morning was a pretty typical morning... 

Got up at 3:30am.
Ate a banana.
"Read the paper".
Watched ESPN for about 15 minutes.
Checked my blog.
Checked my fantasy baseball team ... yes, I repeat for the hundredth time ... I'M A DORK!!!
Went through my ab workout.
Ran 10 miles.
Ate & drank my recovery meal.
Left for work.

... Oh yeah, and also ... FRIGGIN' PASSED 2,000 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All in all I feel pretty good for running the equivalent of Los Angeles to Chicago.  No - not in one trip, I'm not freaking Dean Karnazes.  But it does feel pretty cool to have that kind of mileage total with 3 months left in the year.  "Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise", and provided one of my legs don't fall off, I should reach my goal of 3,000 by December.  I only need about 55 miles per week, and right now I running quite a bit more than that getting ready for my back-to-back marathons in October.

Here's the map of my trip so far - making it over the Rockies was the toughest.  A lot of mountain climbing, and I'm pretty sure I got a little frost bite!  Have a good one!
... be great today!


  1. Yay for 2000 miles! Really super, congratulations!

  2. Awesome - looks like you will be celebrating Christmas in Quebec. :)

  3. Stud. And I say that without the "muffin" part. Honda doesn't make a product as reliable as your legs.

  4. That is awesome Jim. 2000 miles and you are still walking. Holy Smokes you are good.

  5. holy cow! thats awesome! i know in my mind that 2000 is a lot of miles, but when you map it out...DANG!!!! go on wit yo bad self!

  6. Lol at Coy's comment!

    Awesome on all the miles! Seems like your 2011 is going great, running LA to Chicago is a long way! I bet you'll end up in New Brunswick, Canada at the end of the year!

    Hilarious about the fantasy baseball team, I can't play fantasy sports because I get too obsessed, haha I did win my survivor NFL pool last year though, I outlasted 43 people to win $960, the most money I've ever won at anything, haha

    And thanks for the comment today, I decided to take out the sentence in the first paragraph of the disclaimer paragraph. I guess I meant that I didn't want to be boastful, because everyone's potential best is different depending on their genetic makeup.

    I appreciate the support, I actually did 20 minutes on the elliptical yesterday that was relatively pain free. It was no 20 miles, but for someone where pain seemed to come daily for a long time it was a big step. Hopefully I can gradually ramp up the elliptical, because after that I think running is the next step.

  7. So awesome! Congratulations, that really is amazing.

  8. You sure get around ;). Seriously, though, that is simply amazing!

  9. That is really cool and awesome! Congrats!

  10. "I only need about 55 miles per week"

    who says things like that???????

    ah yes... YOU!

    I like Karen's idea...Christmas in Quebec....that is my hometown..!

    I am very impressed with your 2000 miles...for real.

  11. Now that you've done that, we need to get you out here for some *real* Rockies running. You and Michael wanna do the Colorado Relay next year?

    Congrats, Jim!

  12. Congratulations and I LOVE your map! Way to go in the Rockies!

  13. Well I am all confused because the post says LA to Chicago yet the map shows LA with the marker B.

    How does the alphabet work in Kansas City?

    Congrats brother that is just awesome.

  14. Congrats, Daddy!=) Love you!

  15. I see that you passed right by my house in southern Utah. I would have appreciated you taking the skin-melting temperatures with you.

    Great job on the mileage!

  16. I may have an idea for a contest for you - you could have a contest for people to guess what city you'll end up in at the end of 2011 based on how many miles you run during the year, and the starting point being LA.

    You could extend out that highway route you have on your map (maybe make the max like 3500 miles, I think that's going along interstate 80 most of the way right? Then people can guess what city will be your final destination will be. Only problem is you would have the contest now, and it wouldn't be over until Dec 2011 haha

  17. YOU FREAKING ROCK. I wish I had tracked mine from the first of the year. dang it!

  18. You are very inspiring. I just committed to a blog,
    http://halfcrazedrunner.blogspot.com/ dedicated to my half marathon journey through the 50 states, and my passion for nutrition and strength, power and endurance training. Your tag line inspired me to choose one of my own! Thank you!


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